Maximize the Velocity of your Fundraising

Quickly processing your contributions and gifts in compliance with Federal Election Committee regulations is a strategic advantage for state-wide and national political organizations. CMDI empowers your campaign to use this advantage.

Caging is the process of picking up mailed-in donations from the Post Office, processing the payments, updating the mailing list and providing any needed FEC compliance services.

Are you prepared for your mail?

A highly-efficient, inbound caging process means that your team will have access to your funds faster. However, internally processing mail contributions isn’t as easy as it looks. Your finance team must anticipate:

  • Unpredictable mail volume spikes
  • Managing exception or non-compliant contributions
  • Securely processing credit card donations
  • Donation returns
  • Other unexpected situations
Caging at CMDI |
Caging at CMDI |

CMDI is the solution.

Let CMDI manage your compliance caging. We have a unique, purpose-built caging facility and staff specifically assembled to serve political campaigns, committees, PACs, and nonprofits committees that need a competitive, operational edge.

Our caging staff has extensive knowledge of FEC rules and regulations that can not be found anywhere. Benefits include:

  • Speed: During the height of the political season, our caging department  can process almost 100,000 pieces of mail every 24 hours, so your donations are deposited within hours of their receipt.
  • Assured Compliance: Our caging staff has extensive knowledge of the FEC rules that regulate campaign contributions. All donations are screened for exceptions, such as over-limit contributions or improperly written checks.
  • Security: CMDI provides total chain-of-custody tracking and archival of every contribution received in our on-site, secure facility using biometric access, video surveillance, and 24-hour manned security. Learn more about our physical & data security.

The Compliance-Caging Process

1. Receiving

    • Mail is retrieved from a local post office box, on an agreed upon schedule, or packages can be forwarded to our facility directly. Once mail is picked up, the “chain of custody” begins.

2. Processing

  • Mail is opened and sorted according to your specifications.
  • “Exception” contributions, donations that cannot be deposited due
    to check or compliance problems, are identified and forwarded to our
    compliance team.
  • Contributions over the amount designated by client are pulled for review.
  • Bank deposits and batches are prepared for data entry.
  • Funds are electronically deposited.

3. Scanning

    Checks are scanned and digitally archived.

4. Data Entry

  • New donation records are created or existing records are updated in Crimson.
  • As each record is keyed, it is checked against possible duplicate records already on
  • Credit card donations are manually processed in a PCI compliant manner.

5. Archival

  • All physical documents submitted by donors are archived for 3 years.
  • All data is backed up to tape on a rotating schedule of backups and stored off-site in vaults for certain period of time.
  • All data entered into Crimson is also archived to a secure cloud.
Caging at CMDI |