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Our CRM Software is #1.

Crimson is the first and only affordable, cloud-based political management solution for campaigns, committees and PACs of all sizes. It is the only platform built specifically for Republicans and forms the backbone of GOP campaigns & committee operations.

We Know Online Fundraising.

Online fundraising is increasingly important to campaigns of all sizes, but especially smaller campaigns short on resources. We’ve designed our online fundraising tools to maximize your online campaigns.

The Compliance Experts.

Campaign finance regulations can be complicated, and even the most seasoned experts know to expect occasional errors. Our experienced compliance team has the knowledge to ensure that your political campaign or organization is adhering to the rules.

Great Data Management.

We are experts at cleaning up data before it goes into our database and on an ongoing basis while it resides there. So you don’t need to worry about duplicate, disparate, or just plain disorganized data. You can focus on what’s really important to you – fundraising.

Discover what Crimson can do for your organization.

“CMDI is a fantastic company to partner with when you are looking for the best FEC compliance database on the market. CMDI’s professional staff quickly become an integral part of your organization. There is no better company suited for high volume, multi-channel operations.”

-Cabell Hobbs
Compliance Consulting Company of Virginia, LLC

“No one does compliance like Crimson — none of CMDI’s competitors offer anything like its compliance correspondence and tracking system. That’s just one of the great features I love as a treasurer. Sharing a single source of information with the finance team and campaign management makes all of us more effective and Crimson makes that easy.”

-Chris Marston
Election CFO, LLC and North Rock Reports

“As a general consultant for state and federal campaigns, I’ve been extremely impressed with CMDI’s products. Their staff is always quick to respond and they truly care about their clients.”

-Michael Lotfi
Brandfire Consulting, LLC

“Crimson is our go to tool for managing our clients accounting and compliance needs and much more. Whether a campaign, committee or PAC (state or federal), the Crimson platform has met and exceeded the necessary functions to ensure a smooth running campaign. I would highly recommend CMDI as the only full service and customizable option for Republicans.”

-Deanna Hayes
Grand Slam Finance

“CMDI’s fundraising software has been unlike anything I have ever used in terms of how user friendly and efficiently it operates. It is consistently kept up to date for ease of use. My favorite thing about using CMDI however is the customer service. The staff at CMDI catch (and fix) my errors without me even knowing I made them. They take the stress out of FEC reporting and always have an answer for me. Truly, it is always a positive experience to call them. I recommend CMDI across the board.”

-Sydney Hupp
Deputy Director of Operations and Compliance, Team Pruitt