Innovative Technology Solutions for Republicans

At the core of CMDI’s reputation are custom software applications, which were developed, crafted, and improved using our decades of political experience. Every election cycle, CMDI expands our offerings, which now include a full spectrum of solutions and platforms that national campaigns need to achieve victory.

The Compliance Experts

We are known as the compliance experts, and CMDI employs a team dedicated to scrutinizing every donation and applying the intricate details of campaign finance rules. Our compliance support team assists maintains the knowledge to ensure that your political campaign or organization is adhering to the rules and meeting all filing requirements. 

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Maximize Fundraising Opportunities

Between Crimson’s comprehensive fundraising features and tools, and CMDI’s cadre of experts, campaigns can manage and grow entire fundraising programs from small-dollar programs to presidential bundling programs. CMDI also assists clients in managing specialized fundraising programs, such as:

  • Bundler Management
  • Direct Mail Data Preparation
  • Joint Fundraising Committees
  • Major Donors & Clubs

Great Data Management

We are experts at cleaning up data before it goes into our database and on an ongoing basis while it resides there. So you don’t need to worry about duplicate, disparate, or just plain disorganized data. You can focus on what’s really important to you – fundraising.

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The Trusted Partner for Campaign Services

When it comes to essential services that campaigns, committees, and PACS need to win, no one is trusted more than CMDI. 

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Customer Support Excellence

CMDI maintains a staff of Crimson product experts devoted to assisting clients with questions and troubleshooting. During business hours, clients can contact the Crimson Support Team by calling the toll-free phone number, emailing the Crimson Support Team, or starting an online chat directly through Crimson.

Reputation for Success

CMDI maintains a distinguished record as an integral part of finance, treasury and technology functions for national operations. We dedicate multiple departments to supporting fundraising efforts, and accurately account for every contribution. Fundraising through multiple channels — events, bundlers, internet, direct mail, telemarketing, and social media — requires a comprehensive, multi-faceted approach to managing data and maximizing its use. 

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