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Crimson Feature of the Month: Search by Birthday

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Crimson Feature of the Month


A new feature under Crimson’s People Search allows you to search by an individual’s birthday. This is helpful for recognizing the birthdays for donors or volunteers in your organization or campaign.

How to Search by Birthday

1. Under the People menu, select Search.

2. Scroll down until you see Birthday Month/Day



With this option, you can search for a specific day, birthdays falling in a specific month or birthdays that are before or after a specific date.

Note: The Birthday Month/Day search filter only works for dates in the same calendar year. A search for birthdays between December 1 – January 31 would need to be broken up into two separate queries.



3. Once your search criteria is entered, click on the blue Search



4. Search results will appear just like any other query made under People Search.



How to Add DOB to a Profile

1. If you would like to add date of birth information or a birthday to an individual profile, click on the general tab.



2. Under the General Tab, you can select the DOB field to add or edit an individual’s birthday.



Crimson Webinars in April

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RSVP to join our latest monthly Crimson and CrimsonFiler webinars, hosted by our Senior Support Staff next Tuesday, April 12 and Thursday, April 14. Choose to attend one or both of the following sessions:

CrimsonFiler: Tuesday, April 12 at 2 p.m. EDT

  • A General Overview: How to Create a New Report or File an Amendment
  • Form 3x Committees: How to Update Your Starting COH Settings for 2016
  • Newest features: Miscellaneous Text Options

Crimson: Thursday, April 14 at 2 p.m. EDT

  • A General Overview: People Search, Data Entry, Adjustments, and more
  • Newest Features: DOB Settings, Advanced Export by Channel, and Tool tips
  • Support: Latest HelpDesk Articles and Methods for Contacting Support
Crimson Webinars: April 2016 |

Please RSVP to receive your calendar invite and webinar information.

Check Out Crimson’s Newest Features

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New Crimson Features

Recently, we rolled out new features and improvements to Crimson to improve the performance of the platform. Read below for details on each enhancement, and contact us if you would like additional information.

Questions? Look for Tooltips

If you have questions about a feature or section of Crimson, look for the question mark icon. When you hover over it, a tooltip message will appear that explains what that item is with a link to the Crimson Helpdesk for additional information.

Crimson Tooltips

Search by Date of Birth

You can search for a donor or contact record by date of birth in People Search. This information can also be added under the General tab of an individual’s profile.

Run 1099 Reports

Need to generate IRS 1099 forms for campaign contractors? Crimson's new report #393 finds vendors that have been flagged for Form 1099.

Run 1099 Form Reports | Crimson

New Upload Queue

Occasionally, your browser can freeze when uploading a large file from CrimsonFiler to the FEC. The new Upload Queue feature sends a request to the FEC and then uploads your file in the background while you move onto your next project.

This new feature needs to be configured for each Crimson account or client, so please contact us if you would like the Upload Queue to be turned out. 


Add Multiple FEC Memo Text Pages

This new feature changes how FEC Memo Text pages are added to reports and allows you to add more than one text box into a single report.

The Text option now requires a Tran ID for each description entered into the text box. However, this does not have to be an existing Tran ID in the report. The miscellaneous text will still appear after the summary pages but before receipt details. Each text box will display as half of a page when the report is prepared.


Push Notifications – Coming Soon! 

Soon, you will have the option to turn on push notifications in CrimsonMobile that will send Task notifications to your smartphone as well as your Crimson account.

Once you download the app in either the iTunes App Store or Google Play, you’ll be able to turn this feature on under user settings. You will also be able to receive notifications via email. Go to My Account in Crimson to opt into this feature.

Next Crimson Webinars on March 16

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RSVP to join our latest monthly Crimson webinars, hosted by our Senior Support Staff on next Wednesday, March 16! Choose to attend one or both of the following sessions:

• Webinar #1 (11 a.m. EDT) – A general overview of Crimson and its most-used features.
• Webinar #2 (2 p.m. EDT) – A walk through of Crimson’s Treasury Features including Expenditures, Other Receipts, Invoices, Check Payments, and Reconciliation Tools.

Please RSVP to receive your calendar invite and webinar information.

Crimson webinars | March 2016 |

Infographic: Who’s Still Running for President?

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Since the beginning of February, six Republican presidential candidates have dropped out, which leaves another group of six candidates actively campaigning to be the Republican nominee.

With South Carolina voting on Saturday, February 20, and Nevada immediately following on Tuesday, February 23, will the field be winnowed down further before March 1 when 13 states hold primaries?




View a larger version or download a PDF of  Who’s Still Running for President? infographic.

Crimson Webinar on February 16

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Questions about Crimson? Join the next webinar on February 16 for an overview of Crimson and its most used features. The training session will be led by Crimson Senior Support Staff at 2 p.m. EST.

Click here to RSVP for the webinar on February 16 at 2 p.m. EST.

Crimson webinar on Feb. 16 |


Crimson Feature of the Month: Export by Channel

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Crimson Feature of the Month


When you export voter or donor records in Crimson, you can now download a file containing only the contact records that have the information you want.

Export by Channel, a new feature recently rolled out in Crimson, helps you prioritize the information that is downloaded after completing a People Search. By using Export by Channel, you can download contact records only containing:

  • Emails – Records with a valid form of email address
  • SMS – Records with mobile phone numbers
  • Phone – Records with home phone numbers
  • Direct Mail – Records with a complete mailing address

Here’s how to use the Export by Channel Feature:
1. Go to People Search and enter the search criteria that you need.

2. When the search results are displayed, you’ll see a more options button next to the blue Export button.

Crimson Feature of the Month: Export by Channel |
3. The window for advanced export options will appear.
Crimson Feature of the Month: Export by Channel |
4. Under this window, you can prioritize how each list will be exported: email, SMS, phone numbers, and direct mail. To change the order, hold and click on the Crimson Feature of the Month: Export by Channel | button. Then drag the channel left or right before letting it go. After each change in priority, all channels will automatically update the final counts of records to be exported. The Remaining section is for records that were not selected by any channel.

Crimson Feature of the Month: Export by Channel |
5. You also have the option to suppress specific Flags from being exported or completely exclude a particular channel.

• Suppression of flags: Click here to read the Crimson guide on how to suppress a flag, such as files marked with “DNM – Do Not Mail” from the export.

• Exclude Channels: If you want to remove a channel from your export, click on one of the blue buttons in the top right-hand corner.

Crimson Feature of the Month: Export by Channel |

6. Once you are done organizing your lists, you can click Export for each one. Please note, unique people records will not pull on more than one list.  So in the example above, if a record has an email address, it will pull on that list and not the subsequent lists for each channel following it.

7. You can also click Export Master List, to pull a full list of results from your People Search query.

New Crimson Feature: Export by Channel

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Do you need a list of donors with phone numbers in your database, or do you want to see how many supporters have opted into getting text messages?

A new feature in Crimson allows you to “export by channel,” and download contact records only containing email, SMS, phone numbers, or direct mail information.

Crimson | Export by Channel


With the Export by Channel feature, you can order the priority of exported records containing specific information:

  • Email – Records with a valid form of an email address.
  • SMS – Records with a mobile phone number
  • Phone – Records with home phone number
  • Direct Mail – Records with a complete mailing address

Through this drag-and-drop option, you can also suppress records marked with specific flags from being exported. For example, you can suppress files marked as “Do Not Mail” from being exported from the Direct Mail channel.

If you would like to learn more about how to use this new feature, click here to see the Export by Channel guide in the Crimson Helpdesk.

Reminder: Crimson v1 Retires on Feb. 1

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Have you transitioned to the current version of Crimson yet?

In just a few weeks, on February 1, Crimson v1 will retire and no longer be available.


Visit to log into Crimson and begin this process.

If you have questions or need help, the Crimson Support Team is available to assist with this change. We can be reached at or 1-800-878-6837.

You can also schedule a training session on the current version of Crimson or visit the Crimson Helpdesk at for all of our guides and tutorials.

Join the CrimsonFiler Webinar on Jan. 20

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With Year End FEC reports coming up, now is a great time to have a refresher training for new and existing staff. CMDI will be hosting a webinar on Wednesday, January 20, 2016 at 2 p.m. EST.

The webinar will go over how to use CrimsonFiler for compliance staff and give you the chance to ask questions before filing your year end reports.

Please RSVP to receive your calendar invite and webinar information.




Don’t forget the monthly Crimson webinar scheduled for Wednesday, January 13. There’s still time to RSVP!