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Feature of the Month: Download a List of Donors Needing Thank You Notes

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Crimson Feature of the Month

It’s the end of the quarter. Your campaign or PAC has been busy meeting fundraising goals and completing FEC reports, but have you remembered to thank your donors?

If you want to retain your donors, it’s critical to thank them. Crimson makes the thank you letter process easier with the Thank You List Select tool. Here’s how you can use this feature to streamline this process and ensure that no one is forgotten.

How to Use Crimson’s Thank You Select Feature

1. Under the Money menu, select Thank You to open a Thank You Select search window.
Feature of the Month: How to Download a Thank You List

2. Use the drop-down menu options to select the criteria needed to build your list of donors needing to be thanked.

Feature of the Month: How to Create a List of Donors Needing Thank Yous

3. Once your search criterion has been entered, click the blue  Feature of the Month: How to Create a List of Donors Needing Thank Yous  button.

Note: If you click the red  resetbutton  button at any time, the Search Panel will clear all of your selection criteria and allow you to start a new thank-you list search.

4. The Thank You Select will pull a list of donors based on the criteria that you entered.

5. To view a record, click the green  Feature fo the Month: How to Create a List of Donors Needing to be Thanked  button to the left of the record.

6. To save a list, click the blue  Feature of the Month: How to Create a List of Donors Needing Thank You Notes  button in the bottom left corner.

7. You will also have the option to mark that all of these donors have been sent a thank you note by clicking Yes or No. If you select Yes, then these records will not pull in your future selects.

Feature of the Month: How to Create a list of Donors Needing Thank You Notes

If you haven’t been using this feature to send Thank You’s previously, you may want to do a quick select of previous gifts and just mark them as “thanked” to avoid accidentally selecting them in the future.

8. Next a confirmation message will appear asking:

Feature of the Month: How to Create a List of Donors Needing to be Thanked

Select Yes if you’d like to download an Excel file with the results or No if you want to cancel the export.

9. Open your Excel file and start sending thank you notes.

Please note that this feature only pulls a list of donors who have not received thank you notes. Crimson does not create automatic thank you notes. 

Webinar: FEC Reporting & FECFile on April 1

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The first quarter of 2015 ends on March 31 with a filing deadline of April 15. In anticipation of the filing deadline, on April 1, the Federal Election Commission will offering two webinars for candidate committees:

  • 1-2:30 p.m. EDT: Reporting for Candidate Committees
  • 2:45-4:15 p.m. EDT: FECFile & E-Filing for Candidate Committees

FEC Webinar


According to the FEC:

​The Commission will offer Reporting and FECFile webinars on April 1, 2015 for campaign committees. The reporting sessions will address common filing problems and provide answers to questions campaign committees may have as they prepare to file their April Quarterly and Monthly reports. The electronic filing sessions will demonstrate the Commission’s FECFile software and address questions FECFile users may have concerning the software.

Each webinar session is $25. If you have additional questions, please visit the FEC website.



Coming Soon to Crimson

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Don’t be surprised if your Crimson platform looks different in the next coming weeks. Major changes are coming to CrimsonRPM, CrimsonMobile, and WidgetMakr that will be rolled out over the next month.

WidgetMakrWidgetMakr Logo Final
You asked, and we listened. By early April, a new version of Widgetmakr will incorporate new features that WidgetMakr users requested including:

• Donor-tailored donation amounts, powered by the Spark Giving Matrix®
Now, your donors can be presented with donation amounts that are customized to them based on their giving history. Never ask for too much or too little again!

• Options to archive your old Widgets
You’ll soon be able to archive older or inactive Widgets to streamline and clean up your WidgetMakr interface. Links to archived Widgets will automatically forward to the embeddable donation forms currently in use.

• Ability to use multiple source codes on one Widget
Need to send several fundraising emails or embed your Widget on different landing pages? In the new release of WidgetMakr, you’ll be able to save time by connecting several source codes to the same Widget.

• View Thank You Pages in test mode feature
Soon, you’ll be able to preview thank you pages before making your Widget live using the new test mode feature.

• A new API that standardizes imported & exported data
WidgetMakr’s API has now standardized the fields it pulls in from typical donation forms, which makes it easier for developers to use. A second API is now available to pull in custom data that you might need.

Enhanced user experience 
We’ve made a bunch of improvements to the way data is formatted on our forms and on mobile devices to give your donors the easiest giving experience possible.

CrimsonRPM, Crimson’s companion software for bundlers, will unveil a major overhaul in the coming weeks. Updates include:

  • A new, responsive design
  • Expanded charts for bundlers to see more detailed downlines of donors
  • Donation forms that incorporate bundlers’ tracking codes with the sharable URL
  • LOTS more to come, so stay tuned!

Soon you will be able to accept mobile donations through CrimsonMobile on your Android smartphone or tablet with a card reader.

Using the native app available in the Google Play store, campaigns and organizations will be able to swipe credit cards through an attachable card reader which will be available from CMDI.

Want to learn more about these features? Next week, Crimson Support Staff will hold two webinars for existing Crimson usersFind out more information and RSVP here

Webinar: Walk Through Crimson’s New Features

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You’ve read about the new features in Crimson, now you can learn more about them during our upcoming webinars on March 17 and 19.

Upcoming Crimson Webinars

Crimson Senior Support Staff will host two upcoming Crimson v2 webinars for existing clients. If you would like to join them as they walk through Crimson and point out the latest features, please RSVP.

Crimson Webinar 1
Date: Tuesday 03/17/15
Time: 11:00 AM EDT

Crimson Webinar 2
Date: Thursday 03/19/15
Time: 3:30 PM EDT

Please RSVP to receive your calendar invite and webinar information.

Feature of the Month: Eventbrite App

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Crimson Feature of the Month

Managing event data can be a struggle for most campaigns since it involves importing and exporting spreadsheets from one system to another. Last week, CMDI announced a new app that syncs Eventbrite to Crimson that makes it easier for campaigns to manage the data needed for compliance as well as the information needed when planning and running events.

Here’s how to use the new Eventbrite app that’s now available in the CrimsonMarket

Connect Eventbrite to Your Crimson Account

1. From the Crimson dashboard, click on My Apps and choose Eventbrite.

2. Click on the orange Connect button.

3. You will be asked to log into your Eventbrite account or set one up.

4. Once you are logged in, Eventbrite will ask your permission form Crimson to access your account. Click on the green Allow button to continue.

How to Connect Eventbrite to Crimson


Once your account is linked, your data should automatically sync every hour. However, you still need to decide how each event will be added to Crimson. You have several options:

How to import events from Eventbrite

1. Event Manually Imported

Select the  import event  button, and a pop-up window will appear with several options for adding the event. Click on the orange button. If you have already manually imported data for an event into Crimson, do NOT link the event now. It will create duplicate data. 

The  manual import   button will appear to show that your event will be manually imported.

2. Find and Link Crimson Event

If you have already created a Crimson event to link, then use the Event Lookup tool to search and apply that event using the event’s name.

3. Link to a New Event

If you haven’t already created a corresponding Crimson event, then use the Link to a New Event button to create a new one. A new window will pop up asking you to enter information about the event to set it up in Crimson.

Webinar: Learn about WealthEngine on March 3

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Are you using WealthEngine, one of the third-party apps available in the CrimsonMarket?

WealthEngine offers Crimson users the ability to identify prospects from their database of high net-worth Republicans.

Tomorrow, from 1-2 pm EST, WealthEngine* will hold a webinar on recent changes they have made to FindWealth 8. According to their email announcement:

WealthEngine, one of the many third-party apps available in the CrimsonMarket.

Did You Know? WE just made FindWealth 8 even better

Date:  Tuesday, March 3, 2015
  1:00PM – 2:00PM Eastern

Join us for the unveiling of our latest enhancements, designed to make FindWealth 8 your own.

With our new Custom Capacity Add-On, you have the power to adjust your giving capacity formula to best suit your market and your tailored approach to prospect scoring.  Not only that, but the Estimated Giving Capacity is now available as an exact number so you can easily integrate it into your processes.

View the details you need with less clicks.

FindWealth 8’s new Streamlined Profile makes it quick and easy to find the information you need, fast!

And we didn’t stop there.

We’ve made Quick Search more powerful by adding in the option to search by data source, providing you with yet another avenue to search by.

Join us as our product experts conduct a detailed demonstration of these new enhancements as well as other changes designed to enhance your FindWealth 8 experience.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about WealthEngine, one of the many premium apps available in the CrimsonMarket.

*The webinar will be hosted and conducted by WealthEngine. If you have any questions, please contact them here.

Crimson + Eventbrite Makes Managing Political Events Easier

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Managing events on the campaign trail just got easier!

CMDI has teamed up with Eventbrite, the popular online ticket service, to provide a new third-party app available at the CrimsonMarket.

This collaboration combines the flexibility of Eventbrite’s event management system with the power of the Crimson platform. Through the new Eventbrite app, Crimson users can seamlessly import the event information you want to track, such as RSVPs, attendee lists, and ticket sales.

Crimson + Eventbrite

The Eventbrite + Crimson collaboration includes:

• Integrate Eventbrite with your Crimson platform
The new Eventbrite integration allows for easy import of event information you want to keep track of in Crimson. Once Eventbrite is linked to the platform, data from your events will automatically transfer back into your account through Crimson Source Codes.

• Export offline check contributions from Crimson to Eventbrite
Do many of your event attendees prefer to pay for tickets or write donations by check? You can now share that information between Crimson and Eventbrite through a customized API created through this collaboration.

This feature allows Crimson users to enter the check information into the platform with a source code that corresponds to the event. Eventbrite will then pull in that information and update RSVP lists and other data that event organizers can access through their Eventbrite account.

• Simplify compliance reporting
When Eventbrite is integrated into your Crimson platform, all of your data is kept up-to-date and ready for legal and FEC compliance filings. Through Eventbrite’s custom questions feature, you can collect the information you need for complete compliance reports such as employer, occupation, and mailing address.

• Use Eventbrite’s customizable online event pages
Take advantage of Eventbrite’s easy-to-use website to build pages about each of your events. Want to keep the event private? Use Eventbrite’s password setting so that only invited guests can register.

• Share your event on social media
Raise awareness about your event by turning on the social sharing tools on your Eventbrite page. Guests will be able to see if any of their friends are also attending or share the event on their own networks.

• Manage your event with Eventbrite mobile apps
Empower your volunteers, supporters and staff to manage events through Eventbrite’s mobile apps that are available in the iTunes & Google Play stores. Eventbrite’s Entry Manager and At The Door apps allow you to track who came to your campaign events and fundraisers. They also help facilitate on-site ticket sales.

Visit the CrimsonMarket today and check out the new app. Existing Crimson users can add the Eventbrite app to their account through the CrimsonMarket or by contacting us at

Eventbrite + CMDI Launch the 1st App for Political Events

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For Immediate Release
February 24, 2015

CMDI + Eventbrite Partner to Bring Best-in-Class Tools to Political Organizers 

Partnership provides fundraisers with seamless integration of event data directly into Crimson  

(Washington, D.C.) February 24, 2015 – Managing events on the campaign trail just got easier for Republicans thanks to a new integration launching today from Eventbrite, the global ticketing and events marketplace and Crimson, the popular political campaign management platform developed by CMDI. Available now as a third-party app through the Crimson Market, the first-ever software integration designed specifically for political fundraising events makes it easy for users to seamlessly import their Eventbrite information, such as RSVPs, attendee lists, and ticket sales, directly into the Crimson platform.

“We are excited to continue our tradition of innovation here at CMDI. With Eventbrite’s integration we now offer seamless financial tracking for offline events through the Crimson platform,” said Jack Simms, Vice President of Product Development of CMDI. “We noticed a real opportunity to improve the overall experience for those involved in hosting offline events and by partnering with the best event management technology out there, we now have the ability to track both online reservations and at-the-door contributions through our product in a way not seen before in the political space.”

“Events continue to be one of the most powerful ways for candidates to engage with their supporters and raise money for their campaigns,” said Chad Barth, Political & Government Relations Manager at Eventbrite. “By integrating Eventbrite’s self-service platform with best-in-class political and advocacy platforms, we are making life easier for political event organizers and helping them maximize the impact events can have on their campaigns. Our partnership with CMDI and integration into the Crimson platform does just that by seamlessly bringing together the best event management technology with compliance reporting and voter data tools.”

Leveraging a custom API, the Eventbrite app allows Crimson users to sync event information when attendees pay by check so that the RSVP list, name tags, seating chart tools, and other Eventbrite features are consistently updated and accurate. The new collaboration also makes it easier for campaigns to gather information needed for FEC compliance filings. Through Eventbrite’s custom questions feature, users can collect the information required by the FEC such as employer name, occupation, and mailing address.

Other features of the Eventbrite + Crimson collaboration include: 

  • Track event data in Crimson through Crimson Source Codes
  • Use Eventbrite’s customizable online event pages
  • Share your event on social media through Eventbrite’s social media tools
  • Manage your event with Eventbrite mobile apps
  • Export offline check contributions from Crimson to Eventbrite

Existing Crimson users can access the Eventbrite app through the CrimsonMarket or by contacting CMDI, the developers of Crimson. For more information, please visit

About CMDI
CMDI, the innovators behind the Crimson platform, is America’s largest Republican campaign finance services platform, providing software and FEC compliance services that have managed more than $10.1 billion for federal campaigns and committees. As a close partner with the Republican Party, CMDI has consistently provided innovative solutions throughout the company’s 30 year history. For more information and other products available to right-of-center campaigns and causes, please visit

About Eventbrite
Eventbrite is a global marketplace for live experiences that allows people to find and create events. With the Eventbrite platform, event organizers can plan, promote and sell tickets to events of all kinds  – from small photography and yoga classes to large scale concerts and festivals with tens of thousands of attendees. Since 2006, the platform has processed more than 200 million tickets and registrations worldwide, and in 2014 alone, Eventbrite processed $1.5 billion in gross ticket sales for attendees in more than 180 countries. Eventbrite’s investors include Tiger Global, Sequoia Capital, T. Rowe Price, DAG Ventures, and Tenaya Capital. Learn more at

Webinar: Maximize Voter Data for Your Campaign

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Does your campaign need voter records?

Does your campaign have an easy way to make walk lists?

Does your campaign have a way to easily target the under-performing precincts from previous cycles?

You do now.

Through a partnership with L2 VoterMapping, you can purchase trusted voter data via the CrimsonMarket and import it directly into your Crimson account!

Next week, L2 VoterMapping will hold a FREE webinar* on Wednesday, February 25 at 1 p.m. EST to introduce you to the features and options available in this third-party app.




This L2 VoterMapping basic training will cover:

1. What data is available inside L2 VoterMapping
2. How to select the data you need to make decisions
3. How boundary lines on the map can help analyze your data
4. How to create a universe and purchase data
5. What the basic map and side panel controls can do

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the L2 VoterMapping premium app that is available in the CrimsonMarket.

RSVP for the webinar today.

About L2 VoterMapping
L2 VoterMapping is one of the premium third-party apps that can be integrated to your Crimson platform through the CrimsonMarket. VoterMapping instantly searches and analyzes millions of voter records while displaying the information in real time Bing Maps™ that can zoom in and out of a range of 100 to 500,000 feet. It combines the latest U.S. Census information with registered voter data that allows campaigns to select geographic and demographic information to create universes that can be saved, edited, or broken down by more than 100 demographic variables.

*The webinar will be hosted and conducted by L2 VoterMapping. If you have any questions, please contact them here.

New Contribution Limits Set for 2015-2016 Cycle

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The 2015-2016 election cycle will see many changes to campaign finance laws and limits.

Earlier this week, the Federal Election Commission released new spending limits for the 2015-2016 cycle to adjust for inflation. Individuals can now donate up to $2,700 per candidate per election and up to $33,400 to party committees for political advocacy.

But this is only the most recent change to effect campaign spending limits & FEC regulations.

Last spring, the Supreme Court struck down the cap that limited individuals to donating no more than $123,200 to all federal candidates and political committees per cycle. In McCutcheon v. FEC, the court ruled 5-4 to end the $123,200 limit on the basis that it infringed on First Amendment rights.

In December, Congress also created three new types of political funds for national party committees in the omnibus bill. Donors may now contribute up to $100,200 per year to each of the funds including:

  • A party convention fund for the Republican National Committee and Democratic National Committee that may accept up to $100,200 per year from an individual and up to $45,000 per year from a multicandidate PAC.
  • A building fund that may accept up to $100,200 per year from an individual and up to $45,000 per year from a multicandidate PAC. In addition to the RNC, both the NRCC and NRSC are eligible to create these.
  • A recount & legal proceedings fund that may accept up to $100,200 per year from an individual and up to $45,000 per year from a multicandidate PAC. The NRCC and NRSC are also eligible for these types of funds.

2015-2016 FEC Limits

The creation of these funds grew out of the need for both the RNC and DNC to raise support for their party conventions after a 2014 law ended public funding of those events. The Gabriella Miller Kids First Research Act directed the $126 million that was allocated for national party conventions over the next decade to the National Institutes of Health for research on pediatric diseases.