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Crimson Webinars in November

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This month, the Crimson Support Team will host two webinars on Wednesday, November 11. Please RSVP to receive your calendar invite and webinar information.

• 11:30 a.m. EDT: Join a general overview of Crimson and its most used features.

• 2 p.m. EDT: Take a detailed look into the Treasury features of Crimson.

November 2015 Crimson Webinars |

If you would like to join one or both of these webinars, RSVP here. The Senior Support Staff will follow up with information on how to joint the call.

Crimson Feature of the Month: People Search

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Crimson Feature of the Month

The People Search feature in Crimson is a powerful way to quickly search and manage the contacts in your campaign’s database. Through this flexible search option, you can look up donors by identification numbers, fundraiser track number, employer, occupation, address, event or source code, club, giving aggregates, and many more options.

How to Maximize the People Search

There are two ways that you can use the People Search function in Crimson – the Quick Search tool or the Filtered Search. Both methods are found by clicking on Search under the People menu on the left-hand menu.

Quick Search

To use the Quick Search, simple type in the name or ID of the person you want to find in the blue search bar at the top of the page and click on the Crimson Feature of the Month -- People Search | button. The Quick Search is good to use for looking up PID, first and/or last names or organization names.

Crimson Feature of the Month -- People Search |

Results for that name or ID will then be displayed.

Crimson Feature of the Month -- People Search |

Detailed Filtered Search

The Detailed Filtered Search is the best way to find either a particular record or a group of records. It is helpful in producing call lists, mailing lists, email lists, and much more. Below are helpful tips regarding the Filtered Search options.

1. You can enter search criteria based on any combination of options.

• Search with partial information. For example, search for part of a first and last name by using the Starts with option from each field’s drop down menu.

Crimson Feature of the Month -- People Search |

• By changing Starts with to Contains you can search for a string of characters anywhere in the field. For example, if you were looking for a PAC record with “Health” in the name somewhere, the Contains search option would allow a search anywhere in the Last Name.

• Enter criteria in the Suppression section to exclude records from a search. For example, enter Flag  “In List Of” “DNM, DNC” (common for Do Not Mail or Do Not Call) to exclude records with those flags from the results.

Crimson Feature of the Month -- People Search |

• Checking the OR box suppresses records if criteria entered in any of the fields applies. If this box is not checked, records will only be suppressed if the criteria in all of the fields apply.

• Search for records based on dollar amounts in the Giving Summary and Gift sections. This includes options to search for amounts that are equal to, greater than or equal to, less than or equal to, not equal to, or between ranges.

2. Once selection criteria have been entered, click the blue Crimson Feature of the Month -- People Search | button in the bottom right corner of the page.

3. A count of records returned will appear in the bottom left of the screen Crimson Feature of the Month -- People Search |

4.  The following are the options available for the results:

  • Export – This option allows you to export the results to Excel.
  • Mass Append – This opens a new window with options available to mass append Flags, Keywords, Notes, Tasks, or Events to your results.
  • Print – This creates Full Profile Call Sheets for each result.
  • Print Summary – This creates a summary report of all results.

5. You can also follow these tips to help with your People Search results:

• Clicking on the column header, like “Last”, to sort results on that column.

Crimson Feature of the Month -- People Search |

• Any record in the list can be opened by double clicking on it or clicking the green Crimson Feature of the Month -- People Search | button.

• At any time clicking the red  Crimson Feature of the Month -- People Search | button at the bottom right corner of the screen will clear all of your selection criteria and allow you to start a new Search.

• Reset buttons Crimson Feature of the Month -- People Search | within each section will clear only the selection criteria for that section.

The 2016 Election Battle for State Campaign Cash: 3rd Quarter Results

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In the on-going money race in the 2016 election, third quarter results show that Dr. Ben Carson and Gov. Jeb Bush dominated state fundraising. Compared to the second quarter version of this map, all the candidates ceded states to Carson, who raised the most in 28 states, Bush in 15 states, and Senator Ted Cruz in three states. This echoes overall fundraising for the third quarter since Carson raised the most campaign dollars at $20.8 million, Bush raised $13.4 million, and Cruz raised $12.2 million.

2016 Candidate Fundraising Totals by State, 3rd Quarter 2015


2016 Totals

However, when the cycle-to-date totals are compared, Bush and Carson are evenly tied by raising the most money in 20 states. They are distantly followed by Sen. Ted Cruz with three states, and Sen. Marco Rubio with two states.

Candidates by State Totals YTD-600x428

Dr. Ben Carson: 20 states
Among Republican candidates, Carson has raised the most campaign funds in 2016 at $31 million, and he leads in the state-by-state battle by raising the most money in a total of 20 states: Alaska, Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Hawaii, Iowa, Idaho, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Gov. Jeb Bush: 19 states + Washington, D.C.
In overall campaign fundraising, Bush comes in third place with $24.8 million. However, he is tied with Dr. Carson among state fundraising. Since January 1, Bush has raised the most money in California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Maine, Missouri, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Nevada, New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

Senator Ted Cruz: 3 states
The Texas senator has raised a nearly $26 million for his campaign in 2016 with $9.2 million coming from his home state. While he started out the year raising the most campaign dollars in eight states, his cycle-to-date totals have him raising the most in only three states — Texas, New Mexico, and West Virginia.

Senator Marco Rubio: 2 states
Bush may lead in their shared home state of Florida — $4.7 million compared to Rubio’s $2.5 million — but the freshman senator has raised the most money in Massachusetts and Vermont. This keeps Bush from sweeping the New England region.

Home State Advantage
A handful of states have remained loyal to their candidate with Govs. John Kasich (Ohio), Chris Christie (New Jersey), Bobby Jindal (Louisiana), Mike Huckabee (Arkansas) and Senators Rand Paul (Kentucky) and Lindsey Graham (South Carolina) all raising the most in their home states. In fact, donations from their home states account for around 50% of total funds raised for Kasich, Christie, Jindal, and Graham. 

Crimson v1 to Retire on Feb. 1, 2016

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With the end of 2015 drawing near, it is time to announce the retirement of Crimson v1, which was released back in 2008. As of February 1, 2016, Crimson v1 will no longer be available.

Please make plans to fully transition to the current version of Crimson by this date. 

We launched the new version of Crimson in April 2014, and it is always available at Remember to bookmark this URL to make the transition easier.

If you have questions, our support team provides monthly Crimson webinars and quarterly Crimson Filer webinars. We’re also available to schedule trainings or refreshers on either systems if you’re unable to join our online webinars.

Please feel free to reach out to support at or visit our HelpDesk at

#TBT: CMDI Makes FEC History

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Nearly 20 years ago, CMDI made history when we submitted the first-ever electronic filing to the FEC for the Bob Dole for President campaign.


In 1996, we used DexFile, an offshoot of Dexter, the first political fundraising and compliance program released in 1993, to submit the first digital reports that the FEC would accept. The Dole campaign then used the electronic filings to apply for federal campaign matching funds. As noted from this Washington Post article from April 18, 1996:

Because presidential candidates can receive federal matching funds for the first $250 they raise from each individual donor, Dole brought in experts to help him qualify. He paid Campaign Mail & Data of Falls Church almost $1 million to process donor checks and qualify for about $10 million ($5.7 million of which he had received by the end of February) in federal money for the primary season.

DexFile |

FEC Webinar: Candidate 101 on Nov. 18

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On November 18, the Federal Election Commission will hold a Candidate 101: Basics for Campaign Treasurers and Staff webinar from 1 to 2:30 p.m. EST. According to the FEC website, this training session, “…is designed to assist federal candidates, campaign treasurers and staff members as they prepare for the 2016 elections.”

FEC webinar

The registration cost is $25 and must be made by November 13.


Will GOP Nominee Be Decided By March 2016?

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Note: This post is an update of the 2016 Primary Map published on August 13. It is based on a revised list of 2016 Presidential Primary Dates released by the FEC. 

With 32 states and five territories holding primaries or caucuses before March 22, there is a strong possibility that we could have a Republican nominee determined before April. The map below displays when the primary or caucus will be held in each state. You can hover over each state for more information.


In addition to the four early states allowed to go in February, 14 states have opted to hold their primary or caucus on March 1, which are shown in the map below. According to the 2016 rules from the Republican National Committee, these states must award delegates proportionally to how the candidates perform in each state.

Primaries on March 1, 2016 |

Month-by-month schedule of primaries in 2016.

Primaries/Caucuses held in February: 

  • Tuesday, February 2: Iowa Caucuses
  • Tuesday, February 9: New Hampshire Primary*
  • Saturday, February 20: South Carolina Primary
  • Tuesday, February 23: Nevada Caucuses*

March Primaries/Caucuses with delegates awarded proportionally: 

  • Tuesday, March 1: Alabama, Alaska,† Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Dakota,† Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, and Wyoming
  • Saturday, March 5: Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine,† and Washington†
  • Tuesday, March 8: Hawaii, Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, and American Samoa†
  • Saturday, March 12: Guam† and U.S. Virgin Islands†
  • Sunday, March 13: Puerto Rico

March Primaries/Caucuses with delegates awarded winner-takes-all:

  • Tuesday, March 15: Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina,† Ohio and Northern Marianas Islands†
  • Tuesday, March 22: Arizona and Utah

April Primaries/Caucus:

  • Tuesday, April 5: Wisconsin
  • Tuesday, April 19: New York
  • Tuesday, April 26: Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island

May Primaries: 

  • Tuesday, May 3: Indiana
  • Tuesday, May 10: Nebraska and West Virginia
  • Tuesday, May 17: Oregon

June Primaries: 

  • Tuesday, June 7: California, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, and South Dakota
  • Tuesday, June 14: District of Columbia

*Tentative dates according to Frontloading HQ

†Tentative dates according to Ballotpedia

CrimsonFiler Training Held on Oct. 6 & Oct. 8

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With the third quarter of 2015 ending last night, the next FEC filing deadline is just days away on October 15.

If you have questions about CrimsonFiler or could use a refresher on how to file your FEC report, RSVP for the CrimsonFiler webinars next week. The webinar will go over how to use CrimsonFiler for compliance staff and give you the chance to ask questions before filing your Q3 reports.

RSVP here and select which training sessions you plan to join:  

  • Tuesday, October 6 at 11 a.m. EDT
  • Thursday, October 8 at 2 p.m. EDT

CrimsonFiler webinar for Q3 2015 |

Once you RSVP, you’ll receive a calendar invite and information on how to join the webinar. If you have any questions, please contact the Crimson Support Team at or call 1-800-878-6837.


How to Import an Invitees List to an Event in Crimson

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How to Import Invitee List to Crimson Events |

Did you know that you can save time and stay organized by using Crimson features to manage fundraising events? Through the Import/Data Entry feature, you use import options to connect a list of invitees to an event that’s been added to your Crimson account.

It’s simple to upload an Excel file with the information about people invited to an event, but before you can add the data, check here to make sure your spreadsheet is set up correctly. Once you have the Excel file prepped, follow the directions below to connect your invitee list to an event in your Crimson database.

How to Import a List of Invitees to an Event in Crimson

To begin, click on the Import/Data Entry Button button on the left-hand side of the Crimson dashboard and select the Import option.

1. In Step 1: Upload File, click on the Upload File button and select the Excel document that you want to import under Worksheet List, and then choose the correct worksheet.

How to Import an Invitee List to Crimson |

A preview of the first few rows of data in the Excel file should appear.

2. In Step 2: Import Type, choose the Event option in the drop-down menu.

How to Import an Invitee List to Crimson |

Then enter the name of the event in which you want to link the data. If the event is not in the Crimson system yet, click on the Add Event button to create the event.

How to Import an Invitee List to Crimson |

3. In Step 3: Map Fields, you will be asked to match the column names of the Excel file with existing fields in your Crimson database.

Note: the column names in your Excel file will be on the left. The fields in Crimson are on the right with drop-down menus.

How to Import an Invitee List to Crimson |

4. In Step 4: Validation, click on the How to Import an Invitee List to Crimson | button to scan your file for possible errors. It will display a result if any occur or display a ready to import result.

5. In Step 5: Import, click the blue Import Now button for the final import. A progress bar should appear to show you the status of the import and if any errors occur.

How to Import an Invitee List to Crimson |

6. In Step 6: Result, the imported data will appear to confirm that the import was completed.

How to Import Invitee List to Events |

You can now access your invitee information from the Events page or download a detailed report from the Event Reports menu to review RSVPs, guest details, and other information.

Upcoming September Crimson Webinars

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Next week, the Crimson Support Team will host two webinars on September 16: 

  • General Crimson Overview at 11 a.m. EDT
    During this monthly webinar, the Crimson Support Team will walk you through Crimson and review its most used features and any new changes or additions.
  • Crimson + Eventbrite at 2 p.m. EDT
    This brand new webinar takes a detailed look into the Crimson-Eventbrite integration.

Once you RSVP, we’ll send you the information that you need to participate.

September 2016 Crimson Webinars

Click here to RSVP and select which webinar you wish to attend. If you have any questions, please email the Crimson Support Team at or call them at 1-800-878-6837.