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Feature of the Month: Deduping Tool

Earlier this month, we rolled out a new deduping tool that identifies possible duplicates for you to review. Found on the Compliance dashboard, the deduping tool highlights the potential records

Learn about Crimson’s New Features on May 24

Did you see the email last week about Crimson's new features? We've rolled out a number of new features and enhancements including a new deduping tool and changes to People Profiles, Events, Money

5 Million Data Records Added to the CrimsonMarket

New donors are the lifeblood for any organization engaged in politics. That’s why we just added six new data partners that offer access to more than five million donor records through the

The Latest Crimson Enhancements & Features

Have you noticed any changes in Crimson lately? In recent weeks, we rolled out a new deduping tool as well many feature enhancements to People Profiles, Events, Money Search and Treasury

The Money Behind the GA-6 Special Election

On April 20, Georgians went to the polls in the special election for the sixth congressional district. The top two candidates emerging from the 18-person race were Jon Ossoff (D) and Karen Handel

Need Help Deciphering FEC Forms?

When working on FEC reports or reviewing filings, did you know that you can tell the specific type of line number or expenditure based on the line number on the FEC form? CMDI’s FEC Line

2017 Elections: Special Election in Georgia

Today, voters in the metro Atlanta area will go to the polls to decide the replacement for Dr. Tom Price, the new secretary for Health and Human Services, in the sixth congressional district of

Watch Out When Filing FEC Reports

This Saturday is the next FEC deadline for quarterly filers. Earlier this week, the FEC notified vendors and consultants about a potential problem that filers might encounter. Committees may

Infographic: There Are Elections in 2017

With the special election today in Kansas, we are reminded that there are a few elections in 2017. Today's election will decide who replaces  Rep. Mike Pompeo who moved to the Trump administration

Need Training in Crimson or CrimsonFiler?

Believe it or not, the first quarter of 2017 ended last Friday on March 31. This means the next FEC filing deadline is quickly coming up on Saturday, April 15. Do you have questions about Crimson

CrimsonMarket: The Source for Campaign Vendors & Services

The next development from Crimson is here -- the new CrimsonMarket. Designed with client feedback and requests in mind, CrimsonMarket is the first market place designed for Republicans by

Don’t Miss this Brand-New Crimson Webinar

Join the Crimson Support Team this month for a new webinar from CMDI! In addition to the Crimson Overview webinar next Thursday, March 16 at 11 a.m., we will hold a special webinar at 2 p.m.

Feature of the Month: How to Organize Your Data for a New Cycle

Not only is it a new year, but it’s also a new election cycle. Now that the Year-end 2016 reports are filed and mid-terms are still months away, this is the perfect time to review your Crimson

Join the Next Crimson Webinar for Latest Updates

Do you have questions about Crimson or new staff that needs to be trained? Join Sofia Amaya, the Director of Client Relations at CMDI, next Wednesday, February 15, for a Crimson Overview webinar

Download 2017 FEC Contribution Limits

Last week, the Federal Election Commission released the new contribution limits for the 2017-2018 election cycle. While donations from individuals to campaign committees and PACs did not

2017 FEC Reporting Deadlines

While 2017 is not an election year for most, PACs, parties and candidate committees are still required to submit regular filings to the Federal Election Commission. Download one of these

Join the January Crimson Webinars

Next week, the Senior Support Staff will kick off the new year with two webinars covering Crimson and CrimsonFiler. RSVP to join the webinars on Tuesday, January 17.  Crimson General Overview:

Feature of the Month: How to Find and Flag Over Limit Donors

Following up with donors who have contributed too much to a campaign is becoming increasingly important. With the growth of multi-channel fundraising, it’s now possible for undisclosed donors

CMDI’s Founder & President on the 2016 Election Results

John Simms, the Founder & President of CMDI, recently shared his thoughts about the election results and predictions about what's to come on Medium. An excerpt is below. When elected officials

Feature of the Month: Suppress Channel Flags

Does your campaign or PAC have a long list of flags to suppress when you run a People search in Crimson? If you struggle to always remember to suppress flags like “do not mail” or