Campaign Solutions for Republicans

Crimson is the first and only affordable, cloud-based political management solution for campaigns, committees and PACs of all sizes. It is the only platform built specifically for Republicans and forms the backbone of GOP operations.

Developed by campaign veterans at CMDI, we’ve been leading innovators of political technology since 1981. Crimson brings the commercial enterprise resource planning software frequently found in the business world to the political arena.

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Maximize Fundraising Opportunities

Crimson allows you to keep an eye on your complete fundraising strategy. Get all the details on all your finance team’s activities all from your Crimson platform’s dashboards — prospect details, direct mail results, telemarketing plans, event RSVPs, online donations with WidgetMakr, and bundling programs through CrimsonRPMLearn More

Maintain FEC Compliance

Federal campaign compliance filings are simplified with CrimsonFiler, which is included in the Crimson platform. A menu-driven process guides you through the preparation and filing reports with the Federal Election Commission according to their guidelines. Learn more

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Work On-the-Go

Time is the biggest challenge when working on political issues. This is why Crimson features a responsive design that can be accessed on either desktops or mobile devices or via CrimsonMobile, the native apps available for iOS or Android phones. Learn more

Gain the Data Advantage

In order to win, campaigns must leverage data from a multitude of sources. With Crimson, you never have to worry if you have the most updated version of a file. Since the platform is cloud-based, all updates are saved in real time from whatever device you or your colleagues are using. Learn more

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Extend Campaigns with Crimson's API

For platforms to be effective, they must be flexible and expandable. Create fantastic applications by tapping into the power of the Crimson platform through third-party APIs available in the CrimsonMarket or build custom solutions to expand and enhance your Crimson platform from any number of sources. Learn more