CMDI History


CMDI creates the 1st database with demographic information to target voter clusters with personalized, programmatically-generated messaging utilizing xerographic technology.

DB+ (Database Plus)

CMDI puts the national voter database “online” allowing National Committees and Reagan for President to access automated mailing list order fulfillment services.


Bush-Quayle 1988 | CMDI.comCMDI launches a PC-based Iowa caucus tracking system, the first of its kind.


dMS | CMDIDonor Management System, based on MS-DOS, is created. The version used by the RNC contains 19 tables. By 1996, CMDI updates dMS with a version based on Windows.


Dole-Kemp1st FEC electronic filing submitted by CMDI on behalf of the Dole campaign.



CMDI’s Donor/Member Management System is specifically designed for fundraising & membership organizations. The network is online and accessible at all times. By 2001, dMS 4.2 can be accessed in real-time over CMDI's network and the web. 


CMDI's software guides users, step-by-step, through creating an FEC report, compiled donations and expenditures, formatted reports, and submitted them electronically.


Bush-Cheney | CMDI.comCMDI develops the 1st online program to manage the Pioneer & Ranger bundler programs.


Dexter | CMDI.comCMDI launches Dexter and provides the first online database that makes all information accessible to all campaign staff in a central location.


DexFile | CMDI.comDexFile, the companion filing software for CMDI's Dexter, is launched and makes filing reports with the FEC easy.



DexThe McCain for President Victory Fund finance team uses DexTeam to manage their own cadre of volunteer fundraisers.


Crimson | CMDI.comThe first web-based enterprise campaign software is launched to manage all aspects of campaign fundraising, data management, and compliance. 


A web-based platform for managing political multi-level, volunteer fundraising platform is released for campaigns spanning presidential to House races. 


Crimson | CMDI.comNew Crimson features are released including the Expenditure Module, Wealth Engine Integration, and the Crimson Events Wizard.


CrimsonFilerAfter 15 years of working with clients to file FEC reports, CMDI released CrimsonFiler, a more efficient, flexible, and easier way to file federal and state reports.


Crimson | CMDI.comThe new version of Crimson is moved to Azure and includes new dashboards, enhanced analytics, gift batch entry, bundler tracking, FEC lookup, Google Map Address Lookup, and increased security.


CrimsonMobile | CMDI.comNative mobile apps for Crimson are released for Android and iOS and include major dashboards, donor records, Google maps, call sheets, and other features.


Crimson | CMDI.comCrimson rolls out updates including Export by Channel, tooltips, faster searches, ID tokens, chat support, suppression flag enhancements, and new task features. In 2017, CMDI makes major security investments to enhance PCI Standards, releases a new Mass-Deduping Feature, and makes enhancements to Events, Money, Treasury, and People Profiles.


Crimson 3 | CMDI.comA new, responsive version of Crimson is released including two-factor authorization, expanded dashboards and search features, a new Event section, and a redesigned People Profile.


Crimson for PACs | CMDI.comA stand-alone version of Crimson for PACs is released.