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2015-2016 - Crimson Products Get Updates




Crimson Filer, CrimsonRPM, and CrimsonMobile all get updates to modernize the user interface, enhance and add features, and make them easier to use.

2014 - Crimson 2.0

A completely redesigned and improved version of Crimson is brought out of beta and made available to all CMDI’s customers. Featuring responsive design, data API’s, Crimson Market, third-party software integrations, better dashboards, and more, Crimson 2.0 becomes the industry standard for Republican campaigns of all sizes.

2013 – CrimsonFiler


For the past 15 years we’ve spent countless hours working with our clients to file their FEC reports and learning about how you work. We’ve used that research to create CrimsonFiler. It’s more efficient, more flexible, and makes for a far easier filing experience then ever before.

2012 – CrimsonRPM


CrimsonRPM, the only political multi-level, volunteer fundraising platform available for campaigns from Presidential to Congressional, was launched for the 2012 cycle. Using CrimsonRPM, Republican candidates and the Republican party raised more than $100 million by providing their  volunteer fundraising (“bundling”) networks with the tools they needed to interact directly with the finance committees.

Utilizing volunteers for fundraising has always existed in some form or another, but now that fundraisers are online all the time, they have access to data and tools that are changing the fundraising game.

2012 - CrimsonMobile

CMDI releases a mobile version of Crimson that enables users to utilize essential functions on-the-go. Donors search, task management, event management, and donation processing are all possible directly through app. Regular updates to the app keep CrimsonMobile an essential part of any campaigners toolkit.

2011 - WidgetMakr


CMDI released WidgetMakr to fulfill the special compliance and cash management needs of political organizations that wasn’t being met by non-profit online fundraising tools. WidgetMakr quickly became a Republican industry standard and is used by hundreds of Republican campaign committees.

2008 - Crimson


Crimson, the first and only web based enterprise campaign software was launched to manage all aspects of the campaign donor relationship, from donation to FEC filing.

Since 2008, Crimson has been leveraged by hundreds of campaigns and thousands of campaign workers.

2004 - DexTeam


Created and implemented an advanced donor downline tracking system to power the Bush Pioneer and Ranger fundraising programs.

1996 - DexFile


CMDI created the first ever system to generate digital FEC reports that the FEC would accept. Republican Bob Dole used the first electronic filing to apply for federal campaign matching funds to fund his presidential campaign.

1993 - Dexter


CMDI Releases the first SaaS (software-as-a-service) political fundraising and compliance data system for the RNC. The RNC continues to use CMDI’s Crimson and compliance services to this day.

1987 - Caucus Tracking


CMDI launches a PC based Iowa caucus tracking system, the first of its kind.

1980 - Smarter Voter Database


CMDI creates voter databases with demographic characteristics to target voter clusters with the first programatically generated personalized voter messaging utilizing xerographic technology.