Partner with Crimson

CMDI partners with political fundraising consultants and compliance consultants around the country. We value your real-world expertise and market knowledge. We understand that you and your teams are helping the on-the-ground troops meet their objectives.

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Grow Your Business

Let us help you better serve your clients by providing a plug & play campaign platform that will help you spend your time adding real value by working with clients and their supporters, not collecting data, running spreadsheets and assembling FEC reports.

Benefits of the Crimson Partner Program

We pay you a percentage of our billings for each client for which you are involved. The percentage levels are based on your level of involvement with the sale.

• Referral Partner
You introduce us to a prospect, and we turn them into a sale. You will get 5% of the sale.

Sales Partner
You close a sale and hand the client off to us. We will give you 10% of the sale.

Strategic Partners
Strategic Partners represent a select group of partners who offer extensive capabilities and resources. This category is by invitation only.

To become a partner, or learn more, contact us at