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Coming Soon: A New Crimson

Crimson 3: New Features. New Dashboards. New Search. Same Data and Reliability. Starting Tuesday, October 9, current Crimson users will be able to access Crimson3, the completely redesigned and enhanced version of the CMDI’s best-selling political CRM used by Republican campaigns and PACs. Crimson3 combines the same data and features currently in use with a fresh […]

Advisory Opinions #10: Your Campaign Security Is Bad

A recent survey from the Shorenstein Center at Harvard Kennedy School found that only 39% of campaign staffers are concerned about hacks. Jack and Adrienne discuss simple steps your campaign can take that aren’t expensive or time consuming to make your data and systems more secure. In the episode, they discuss: Two-factor authentication & why […]

How to Hit the Inbox with Your Next Email Fundraiser

By Larry Ward Ted Williams, arguably the greatest baseball hitter of all-time, once said, “I think, without question, the hardest single thing to do in sports is to hit a baseball. To sync up the swing of the bat with the exact time and location of the ball’s arrival is the challenge that each hitter […]

Crimson Feature of the Month: Data Security

Data security is a big deal and nothing is worse than finding out your campaign database has been compromised, except… by reading about it in the newspaper.   Just ask Target who has one of the biggest and best customer CRMs in retail. Target’s Data Breach Just Got Much Worse – Business Week Neiman Marcus […]

Campaign Data Security

State of the Security Address   As we are now waist deep in the 2012 presidential election cycle, the old “how do you handle data security” question has come up a number of times in the past week. In response I thought I’d do a general State of the Security address. Six of the leading 2012 Republican […]