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Preparing for Media Questions on Campaign Fundraising & FEC Reports

  In the uncertain world of political campaigns, you can always count on getting questions from the press about fundraising and FEC reports. How do you prepare your staff to answer these questions? Recently, the National Press Club Foundation hosted a panel discussion on how to document campaign cash featuring reporters from national media outlets […]

Need Help Deciphering FEC Forms?

When working on FEC reports or reviewing filings, did you know that you can tell the specific type of line number or expenditure based on the line number on the FEC form? CMDI’s FEC Line Numbers by FEC Reports is one of our most popular downloads and guides on the Crimson Helpdesk. Now updated for […]

Watch Out When Filing FEC Reports

This Saturday is the next FEC deadline for quarterly filers. Earlier this week, the FEC notified vendors and consultants about a potential problem that filers might encounter. Committees may experience issues with receiving a filing acknowledgment for this filing period. While your FEC report was successfully filed, you might not receive an immediate confirmation, and […]

Need Training in Crimson or CrimsonFiler?

Believe it or not, the first quarter of 2017 ended last Friday on March 31. This means the next FEC filing deadline is quickly coming up on Saturday, April 15. Do you have questions about Crimson or new staff that needs to be trained? With the FEC deadline approaching, do you need a refresher on how […]

Download 2017 FEC Contribution Limits

Last week, the Federal Election Commission released the new contribution limits for the 2017-2018 election cycle. While donations from individuals to campaign committees and PACs did not increase, they did go up for two types of donations: $500 to party committees (RNC, NRCC and NRSC) for a total of $33,900 per committee $1,500 to other […]

2017 FEC Reporting Deadlines

While 2017 is not an election year for most, PACs, parties and candidate committees are still required to submit regular filings to the Federal Election Commission. Download one of these helpful one-pagers to remind you of the deadlines to submit reports throughout 2017: 2017 Monthly Filing Deadlines (PDF) 2017 Quarterly & Semi-annual Filing Deadlines (PDF) […]

Feature of the Month: How to Find and Flag Over Limit Donors

Following up with donors who have contributed too much to a campaign is becoming increasingly important. With the growth of multi-channel fundraising, it’s now possible for undisclosed donors to make enough repeated gifts and go over FEC limits. If your campaign isn’t using a CRM platform such as Crimson that centralizes donor data for all […]

New Improvements Made to Crimson Search Functions

Recently, several new Crimson improvements launched for customer support and search functions. Scroll down to learn more about these changes and how to use them. If you have questions, please contact the Crimson Support Team at CrimsonSupport@CMDI.com or 1-800-878-6837. Get Help Inside of Crimson You no longer have to open the Crimson Helpdesk in order […]

FEC Standardizes Listings of Names in Reports

Have you noticed a difference in the way that names are appearing on FEC forms? If names appear differently, don’t be alarmed. This is a change that the Federal Election Commission recently made. On Monday, the FEC announced that they changed the naming convention to standardize how names appear on forms. On the website, the […]

Caging: What Happens to Political Donations Once You Mail Them?

  In the months leading up to a presidential election, you’ve probably noticed an increase in the political mail arriving at your home. While some of these pieces are educational, persuasion or Get Out The Vote mailers, the bulk of it is likely a request for a donation from a candidate or a PAC. Once you’ve […]

Tips from CMDI’s Compliance Experts

Campaign finance regulations can be complicated, so CMDI's experienced compliance team shares their favorite tips and best practices.

Holmes vs. FEC: An Uncertain Future for Primary & General Election Contribution Limits

Holmes vs. FEC, a new court case, may overturn the FEC's "per election" donation limits for primary and general elections but keep total "per cycle" limits.

How to Allocate Surplus Campaign Funds

State primaries are currently taking place across the country. Unfortunately, after every election, many committees must end their efforts. However, before terminating, campaign committees must “wind down.” The campaign infrastructure, which took months or years to build, cannot be dismantled overnight. Campaigns must pay off debt, sell assets and compensate the staff responsible for the wind down process, which includes compliance activities in accordance with FEC regulations. Usually, campaigns are left with few remaining resources. Occasionally, however, former candidates face an unusual dilemma. After losing an election, how does a campaign committee allocate surplus funds?

Are You Missing Donations at Events?

  If you aren’t using the CrimsonMobile app + card reader, you aren’t maximizing your event fundraising. All you need to do is download the CrimsonMobile app from the Google Play store and then request your complimentary card readers by clicking on the button below. Capture Crowd Enthusiasm Take advantage of crowd enthusiasm by swiping […]

Check Out Crimson’s Newest Features

Recently, we rolled out new features and improvements to Crimson to improve the performance of the platform. Read below for details on each enhancement, and contact us if you would like additional information. Questions? Look for Tooltips If you have questions about a feature or section of Crimson, look for the question mark icon. When you […]

Join the CrimsonFiler Webinar on Jan. 20

With Year End FEC reports coming up, now is a great time to have a refresher training for new and existing staff. CMDI will be hosting a webinar on Wednesday, January 20, 2016 at 2 p.m. EST. The webinar will go over how to use CrimsonFiler for compliance staff and give you the chance to […]

FEC Reporting Deadlines for 2016

  With the start of the new year, the Federal Elections Commission posted the dates for filing deadlines in 2016. CMDI made it easier for you to keep up with the deadlines for quarterly and monthly filers with this helpful download. The 1-page cheat sheet has dates for end of each filing period and its […]

#TBT: CMDI Makes FEC History

Nearly 20 years ago, CMDI made history when we submitted the first-ever electronic filing to the FEC for the Bob Dole for President campaign.   In 1996, we used DexFile, an offshoot of Dexter, the first political fundraising and compliance program released in 1993, to submit the first digital reports that the FEC would accept. […]

FEC Webinar: Candidate 101 on Nov. 18

On November 18, the Federal Election Commission will hold a Candidate 101: Basics for Campaign Treasurers and Staff webinar from 1 to 2:30 p.m. EST. According to the FEC website, this training session, “…is designed to assist federal candidates, campaign treasurers and staff members as they prepare for the 2016 elections.” The registration cost is […]

CrimsonFiler Training Held on Oct. 6 & Oct. 8

With the third quarter of 2015 ending last night, the next FEC filing deadline is just days away on October 15. If you have questions about CrimsonFiler or could use a refresher on how to file your FEC report, RSVP for the CrimsonFiler webinars next week. The webinar will go over how to use CrimsonFiler for compliance […]