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Advisory Opinions #14: Changes for Political 501(c)4s

This summer, there have been two big changes for 501(c)4 organizations, one from the IRS and one from the US Courts. First, the IRS announced they would no longer collect the Schedule B portion of 990 forms for 501(c)4 organizations. This eliminates the requirement to submit the names and addresses of major donors. Secondly, a […]

Advisory Opinions #13: Risky Raffles

Raffles and bingo games are popular fundraisers for churches and nonprofits, but do they work on political campaigns? In this episode of Advisory Opinions, the two hosts discuss the problems and pitfalls that campaigns can get into with these fundraising events, highlight examples in Florida, Kansas and Michigan, and examine the different state laws surrounding […]

Court: Dark Money Donors Must Be Disclosed

  A recent federal court decision may have long-lasting repercussions for 501(c4) organizations engaged in political activity. Ruling on the “dark money” issue in Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington vs. Federal Election Commission, Chief Judge Beryl Howell found that 501(c)4 groups making independent expenditures in federal races must disclose donors contributing to independent […]

Advisory Opinions #12: Keep Your Receipts

  Recently, Rep. Kevin Cramer (R-ND) was accused of lying on FEC forms tracking travel reimbursement. How did his campaign show that this was a dirty political attack? He kept his receipts! Jack and Adrienne discuss why it’s important to keep those receipts, log those miles, and file timely reports for travel reimbursements. They also […]

Uncertainty After FEC Holds Hearings for Online Ad Disclaimers

  At the end of June, the Federal Election Commission held a two-day hearing on the proposals to change the definition of “public communications” and require disclaimers on internet communications. The Commission heard from 18 witnesses representing think tanks, political parties and committees, research institutions, vendors, and trade associations from the advertising industry. None of the […]

Advisory Opinions #11: Foreign Money in U.S. Elections

The FEC recently considered two proposals about changing the rules on foreign money in U.S. elections. Is this partisan politics, media hoopla, or a real problem that the FEC needs to address? In episode #11 of Advisory Opinions, Jack and Adrienne discuss what laws already exist, what non-citizens can and can’t do on a campaign, […]

Feature of the Month: FEC ID Lookup

A new feature in Crimson can help ensure that you have accurate FEC ID numbers while recording donations or submitting FEC reports. When this tool is used, it will also populate many of the profile fields for you, such as organization name and address. The lookup tool relies on the FEC’s API, and displays information […]

A Guide to Facebook’s New Political Ad Changes

If you work for a political campaign, PAC or nonprofit you probably noticed changes on Facebook’s Business Manager when you tried to place an ad. On May 22, the social network implemented sweeping changes for ads it considers political on both Facebook and Instagram. This new, controversial policy was announced last October after Facebook revealed […]

FEC Offers Examples of Online Ad Disclaimers

At the end of June, the Federal Election Commission will hold a hearing on proposed rule changes for online ad disclaimers. In advance of the meeting, the Commissioners released a series of example ads that highlight how disclaimers would look with rules from each proposal. The FEC created 18 graphic ad examples that range from […]

Check Out the Advisory Opinions Podcast

Want to keep up with the latest news for campaign, compliance and fundraising professionals? Pull up your favorite podcast service and subscribe to CMDI’s new podcast, Advisory Opinions. It’s a show for Republican campaign professionals by campaign professionals. Advisory Opinions isn’t like the other punditry shows stacking up in your queue. Each episode is short — […]

FEC Considering Revising ‘Zombie Campaign’ Rules

What happens to the money left over in a campaign once a federal office holder is no longer in office? The question is the subject to a new petition launched by the Campaign Legal Center. They were prompted by an investigation by the Tampa Bay Times and WTSP NewsChannel 10 that found 102 inactive campaigns […]

Proposed FEC Regulations for Online Ad Disclaimers

The questions surrounding the FEC’s regulation of online ads will soon be answered. In March, the Commission released a long-awaited proposal of draft regulations for internet communication disclaimers. The proposal is currently open for comments and will be discussed at a hearing on June 27. The draft contains two different proposals – Alternative A and […]

Crimson & CrimsonFiler Training Opportunities in April

Is your campaign or committee ready to file your FEC quarterly reports by April 15? Next Tuesday, the Crimson Support Team will offer two training opportunities for Crimson and CrimsonFiler. If you are new to the Crimson platform or haven’t worked in CrimsonFiler in a long time, this is a good learning opportunity. Join us […]

Feature of the Month: How to File a 48-Hour Notice

If you are on a federal campaign, you are required to file 48-Hour Reports before election periods, including primaries, run-offs, and general elections. According to the FEC, 48-Hour Notices are filed for donations over $1,000 that are received less than 20 days but no more than 48 hours before the day of the election. A […]

Check to See If It’s Time to File 48-Hour Notices

Since 2018 is an election year, there are a few extra filing requirements for candidate campaign committees. This includes filing 48-hour notices before both the primary and general elections. According to the FEC, 48-Hour Notices are filed for donations over $1,000 that are received less than 20 days but no more than 48 hours before […]

The FEC Is Down to 4 Commissioners. What Happens Now?

  After announcing his intentions to resign from the Federal Elections Commission last fall, Commissioner Lee E. Goodman will officially step down on February 16. With Goodman’s departure, there will only be four commissioners serving at the FEC. Last year, Ann Ravel, a Democrat, resigned and left an open seat. The Washington Post also reports […]

Feature of the Month: Two CrimsonFiler Shortcuts

With the deadline for Year-end 2017 reports approaching, you might need help completing your filings. Here are two features in CrimsonFiler that can make completing your reports easier and faster – the Best Effort Update and the Sync to Crimson features. Best Effort Update: streamline updates made in Crimson for employer and occupation information without […]

FEC Offers Insight into Facebook Ad Disclaimers

  In December, the Federal Election Commission issued a new Advisory Opinion for the Take Back Action Fund. As a 501(c)4 organization, TBAF must include disclaimers on their Facebook image and video ads which “expressly advocate the election or defeat of clearly identified candidates.” After revelations that Russian-backed companies spent over $100,000 in ads during […]

Need Help with Year-End FEC Reports?

Are you ready for the next FEC deadline for Year-End 2017 reports on January 31? Do you have questions about CrimsonFiler or Crimson? Next Wednesday, January 17, get your questions answered during webinars covering Crimson and CrimsonFiler. RSVP to join one or both of the webinars. After you RSVP, we will follow up with information on […]

FEC Issues Guidance on Using Twitter in Disclaimers

Last week, the Federal Elections Commission issued an Advisory Opinion on how PACs can use Twitter handles in disclaimer language. Historically, this has been a vague issue with social media falling under the same category as bumper stickers and skywriting. However, the revelations that a Kremlin-linked company purchased more than $100,000 in ads on Facebook during the […]