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Crimson Feature of the Month: Maximizing Pledges

Pledges are a major component of political fundraising, and Crimson features can simplify tracking and managing these donations. Below are instructions for several tools that make reconciling and accounting pledges faster and more accurate. In this month’s post: How to Find Pledge Features Outstanding Pledge Search Use Source Codes to Automatically Match Payments to Pledges […]

Learn to Use the Crimson Event Dashboard

Political campaigns and PACs depend on events for both fundraising and winning elections. Because of their importance, Crimson 3 added the Event Dashboard, a new section loaded with features that help organize, manage, and track all components of event planning. Join the Crimson Support Team on Wednesday, May 22 for a special webinar demonstrating new […]

Feature of the Month: How to Use Map It

With the new Map It features in Crimson, you can quickly visualize data to see the locations of your donors, prospects, or events. Using these two different features, one for Events and one for People Search, is a fast way to see a distribution of the locations of your data. How to Use Events Map […]

Try These New Crimson Features

  In anticipation of the 2018 election, Crimson will release new features and enhancements over the next few months. Today, we are excited to share news about four new features you can immediately use: Gift Attachments – Upload and attach check images, donation forms, and other related documents to individual gifts or batches. Data Entry […]

Are You Missing Donations at Events?

  If you aren’t using the CrimsonMobile app + card reader, you aren’t maximizing your event fundraising. All you need to do is download the CrimsonMobile app from the Google Play store and then request your complimentary card readers by clicking on the button below. Capture Crowd Enthusiasm Take advantage of crowd enthusiasm by swiping […]

How to Import an Invitees List to an Event in Crimson

Did you know that you can save time and stay organized by using Crimson features to manage fundraising events? Through the Import/Data Entry feature, you use import options to connect a list of invitees to an event that’s been added to your Crimson account. It’s simple to upload an Excel file with the information about people […]

Crimson Feature of the Month: Mass Append

Have you ever needed to add a keyword or event details to a large number of records in your database? You should take advantage of one of Crimson’s most popular features – the Mass Append. Through this feature, Crimson users can add or update flags, keywords, notes, tasks, and events in bulk to their People […]

Feature of the Month: Eventbrite App

Managing event data can be a struggle for most campaigns since it involves importing and exporting spreadsheets from one system to another. Last week, CMDI announced a new app that syncs Eventbrite to Crimson that makes it easier for campaigns to manage the data needed for compliance as well as the information needed when planning […]

Crimson + Eventbrite Makes Managing Political Events Easier

Managing events on the campaign trail just got easier! CMDI has teamed up with Eventbrite, the popular online ticket service, to provide a new third-party app available at the CrimsonMarket. This collaboration combines the flexibility of Eventbrite’s event management system with the power of the Crimson platform. Through the new Eventbrite app, Crimson users can […]

Eventbrite + CMDI Launch the 1st App for Political Events

For Immediate Release February 24, 2015 CMDI + Eventbrite Partner to Bring Best-in-Class Tools to Political Organizers  Partnership provides fundraisers with seamless integration of event data directly into Crimson   (Washington, D.C.) February 24, 2015 – Managing events on the campaign trail just got easier for Republicans thanks to a new integration launching today from […]

New Feature: Fundraising Event Wizard

As we all know, political fundraising is driven by a steady stream of events. These events can include house parties, rallys, dinners, money bombs, conventions (I hope to see you in Tampa), end-of-quarter pushes, primary day and election day. For most campaigns, the finance teams’ primary job is to plan and promote fundraising events. Crimson […]

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