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The Guide to What to Do After Election Day

  Election Day is over. What to you do now? See below for our list of suggestions for wrapping up a political campaign or listen to the recent episode on Advisory Opinions, “What to Do After the Election.” Our guide is split between two sections: 1. Best Practices After Election Day: tips and suggestions provided […]

Advisory Opinions #15: Per SCOTUS, Proceed with New Rules for 501(c)4 Donors

  The world of campaign finance issues has been active in the past couple of weeks, and there are two legal cases that could easily end up before the Supreme Court. Jack and Adrienne discuss recent updates to CREW vs. FEC and Americans for Prosperity vs. Becerra  that were featured in Episode 14.  They also provide an […]

Court: Dark Money Donors Must Be Disclosed

  A recent federal court decision may have long-lasting repercussions for 501(c4) organizations engaged in political activity. Ruling on the “dark money” issue in Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington vs. Federal Election Commission, Chief Judge Beryl Howell found that 501(c)4 groups making independent expenditures in federal races must disclose donors contributing to independent […]

Feature of the Month: How to Use Map It

With the new Map It features in Crimson, you can quickly visualize data to see the locations of your donors, prospects, or events. Using these two different features, one for Events and one for People Search, is a fast way to see a distribution of the locations of your data. How to Use Events Map […]

More Americans Making Political Donations

Good news for political fundraisers! According to data from the American National Election Studies and Pew Research, more Americans made donations to political candidates and parties in 2016 than previous years. Since 1992, the percentage of Americans donating to at least one political candidate, party, or PAC increased from 11% to 15% in 2016. • Donations […]

How First-time Candidates Can Build a Mailing List

The first time a candidate runs for public office, it can be hard to know where to start! Fundraising may seem especially daunting. Often, candidates raise money through direct mail, but where do you get the mailing list of names to contact? Incumbents can rely on lists of previous donors, but first-time candidates don’t have this […]

Feature of the Month: Download a List of Donors Needing Thank You Notes

It’s the end of the quarter. Your campaign or PAC has been busy meeting fundraising goals and completing FEC reports, but have you remembered to thank your donors? If you want to retain your donors, it’s critical to thank them. Crimson makes the thank you letter process easier with the Thank You List Select tool. […]

Webinar: Learn about WealthEngine on March 3

Are you using WealthEngine, one of the third-party apps available in the CrimsonMarket? WealthEngine offers Crimson users the ability to identify prospects from their database of high net-worth Republicans. Tomorrow, from 1-2 pm EST, WealthEngine* will hold a webinar on recent changes they have made to FindWealth 8. According to their email announcement: Did You Know? […]

WidgetMakr Rolls Out New Enhancements in Time for Busy December Giving Season

More than 30% of all charitable gifts are made during the month of December, and the busy holiday season can make or break the budgets for nonprofit organizations. Now, a new release of WidgetMakr enhances the tracking and search features of the online donation platform and provides additional options to make giving easier for your […]