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The Guide to What to Do After Election Day

  Election Day is over. What to you do now? See below for our list of suggestions for wrapping up a political campaign or listen to the recent episode on Advisory Opinions, “What to Do After the Election.” Our guide is split between two sections: 1. Best Practices After Election Day: tips and suggestions provided […]

Uncertainty After FEC Holds Hearings for Online Ad Disclaimers

  At the end of June, the Federal Election Commission held a two-day hearing on the proposals to change the definition of “public communications” and require disclaimers on internet communications. The Commission heard from 18 witnesses representing think tanks, political parties and committees, research institutions, vendors, and trade associations from the advertising industry. None of the […]

A Guide to Facebook’s New Political Ad Changes

If you work for a political campaign, PAC or nonprofit you probably noticed changes on Facebook’s Business Manager when you tried to place an ad. On May 22, the social network implemented sweeping changes for ads it considers political on both Facebook and Instagram. This new, controversial policy was announced last October after Facebook revealed […]

FEC Offers Examples of Online Ad Disclaimers

At the end of June, the Federal Election Commission will hold a hearing on proposed rule changes for online ad disclaimers. In advance of the meeting, the Commissioners released a series of example ads that highlight how disclaimers would look with rules from each proposal. The FEC created 18 graphic ad examples that range from […]

Proposed FEC Regulations for Online Ad Disclaimers

The questions surrounding the FEC’s regulation of online ads will soon be answered. In March, the Commission released a long-awaited proposal of draft regulations for internet communication disclaimers. The proposal is currently open for comments and will be discussed at a hearing on June 27. The draft contains two different proposals – Alternative A and […]

FEC Offers Insight into Facebook Ad Disclaimers

  In December, the Federal Election Commission issued a new Advisory Opinion for the Take Back Action Fund. As a 501(c)4 organization, TBAF must include disclaimers on their Facebook image and video ads which “expressly advocate the election or defeat of clearly identified candidates.” After revelations that Russian-backed companies spent over $100,000 in ads during […]

FEC Issues Guidance on Using Twitter in Disclaimers

Last week, the Federal Elections Commission issued an Advisory Opinion on how PACs can use Twitter handles in disclaimer language. Historically, this has been a vague issue with social media falling under the same category as bumper stickers and skywriting. However, the revelations that a Kremlin-linked company purchased more than $100,000 in ads on Facebook during the […]