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Advisory Opinions #8: Data Clean

Dirty data can end up costing your campaign or PAC more since expensive mail packages are sent to wrong addresses and valuable staff time is wasted. Learn about cost-saving practices that also keep your data in shape as Jack and Adrienne discuss data hygiene and maintenance with Greg Andreycak, the director of account services at CMDI. […]

Debunking the Co-op Myth

By Matt Frattura, Vice President of Apogee Clearing the Confusion Cooperative databases for the nonprofit and political sectors are not new, but they remain powerful and often underutilized tools for many marketers. A cooperative database is one in which donor data from participating organizations is merged for the mutual marketing benefit of its members. In […]

Making Data Work for Your Campaign

By Jeff McGowan Data is the most rapidly expanding driver of market growth and industrial evolution. The size of digital data is expected to double every year between 2010 and 2020, growing 50-fold in that time period alone. As the amount of available data grows exponentially, our ability to analyze that data has lagged behind. […]

Campaigns and APIs: Made for Each Other

What makes APIs a game changer for campaigns?   When you think about a modern political campaign you think of rapid decision making and execution, collaboration, agility and operating on the very edge of resource poverty. Traditional IT projects have long been the antithesis of political campaigns. They require carefully designed specifications, expensive platforms, engineers […]