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Take the New Crimson Tasks Webinar

Did you know that Crimson has features to help you delegate work and keep your team organized? Next Wednesday, the Crimson Support Team will offer a special Crimson webinar covering the Tasks feature and how this productivity tool can help you manage work during a busy political cycle. In addition to the Crimson Tasks webinar, […]

Crimson Webinar on September 12

The election is only 10 weeks away. Is your staff fully trained on how to use Crimson? A campaign will raise the bulk of their money in the final few weeks before the election. Your staff will also be engaged in get-out-the-vote efforts. It’s critical to understand how to use all of the features in […]

Next Crimson Overview Webinar on August 14

The beginning of September marks the intense, busy time of the election cycle. If you have questions about Crimson or have staff that needs training, now is the time to get help. Join the Crimson Support Staff for the Crimson webinar next week on Tuesday, August 14 at 2 p.m. EDT. During the monthly webinar, we will […]