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The Guide to What to Do After Election Day

  Election Day is over. What to you do now? See below for our list of suggestions for wrapping up a political campaign or listen to the recent episode on Advisory Opinions, “What to Do After the Election.” Our guide is split between two sections: 1. Best Practices After Election Day: tips and suggestions provided […]

How First-time Candidates Can Build a Mailing List

The first time a candidate runs for public office, it can be hard to know where to start! Fundraising may seem especially daunting. Often, candidates raise money through direct mail, but where do you get the mailing list of names to contact? Incumbents can rely on lists of previous donors, but first-time candidates don’t have this […]

Making a Mailing List

Helping clients create fundraising mailings is one of CMDI’s most important services. Here’s a look at how we actually produce them! First steps: 1. A dataset: Before we can create a mailing list, the client must have a donor dataset. If the candidate has run for office before, the campaign should have a list of the donors […]

Tips from CMDI’s Compliance Experts

Campaign finance regulations can be complicated, so CMDI's experienced compliance team shares their favorite tips and best practices.

How to Allocate Surplus Campaign Funds

State primaries are currently taking place across the country. Unfortunately, after every election, many committees must end their efforts. However, before terminating, campaign committees must “wind down.” The campaign infrastructure, which took months or years to build, cannot be dismantled overnight. Campaigns must pay off debt, sell assets and compensate the staff responsible for the wind down process, which includes compliance activities in accordance with FEC regulations. Usually, campaigns are left with few remaining resources. Occasionally, however, former candidates face an unusual dilemma. After losing an election, how does a campaign committee allocate surplus funds?

Campaigns & Elections: Building & Managing Your Digital Campaign Team

Jack Simms, Vice President of Product Development at CMDI, penned an article for Campaigns & Elections magazine on how campaigns can build a strong digital team even when you aren’t familiar with the digital world.  It’s increasingly difficult to run a winning campaign without the help of good digital staff. A proper campaign will need […]

How is Crimson different? Part 1

My last post has inspired me to scribble up the more common comparison that our prospects face, what is the difference between Crimson and the political software competition? Before I go too far, the most glaring difference is that CMDI’s Crimson is ONLY for Republican campaigns. A number of our esteemed competing platforms work with […]

Upgrade to Crimson Today!

CMDI is proud to introduce Crimson, a new, cutting-edge finance tool for Republican finance staff and treasurers. GOP campaigns use Crimson to raise and manage money because our platform collects and integrates data in ways never before available to Congressional and Senate campaigns. No other software is used to raise and report more money for Republicans […]

Easy Volunteer Fundraising

Volunteer fundraisers are an important part of any political campaign’s fundraising effort.  Tracking contributions and crediting the fundraisers appropriately can be a complicated and delicate process, as fundraisers expect to be given proper credit for their efforts. CMDI offers CrimsonRPM as a solution to this problem.  A completely web-based application, CrimsonRPM allows bundlers to track […]