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The 2016 Election Battle for State Campaign Cash: 3rd Quarter Results

In the on-going money race in the 2016 election, third quarter results show that Dr. Ben Carson and Gov. Jeb Bush dominated state fundraising. Compared to the second quarter version of this map, all the candidates ceded states to Carson, who raised the most in 28 states, Bush in 15 states, and Senator Ted Cruz […]

2016 Republican Primary Dates

This week, the Federal Elections Commission, released their preliminary list of 2016 presidential primary dates, which we used to create the map below. Hover over a state to see the date of the primary or caucus for when you will head to the polls next year. What are the 2016 Primary Rules? In January of […]

Infographic: Who’s Running for President in 2016?

With 15 (now 16) Republicans and 5 Democrats official running for president in 2016, it can get confusing trying to keep up with all of the candidates and when they entered the race. CMDI created this infographic as a quick resource to help you remember. Click here to see a larger version. Note: The infographic was updated on […]

New Contribution Limits Set for 2015-2016 Cycle

The 2015-2016 election cycle will see many changes to campaign finance laws and limits. Earlier this week, the Federal Election Commission released new spending limits for the 2015-2016 cycle to adjust for inflation. Individuals can now donate up to $2,700 per candidate per election and up to $33,400 to party committees for political advocacy. But this […]

Free Printable 2015 Calendars with FEC Deadlines

It might be an off-year in politics, but the FEC still requires committees and PACs to file regular reports. The first deadline is on January 31 – just two weeks away – for 2015 Year-End reports. To help you remember these important dates, CMDI created helpful PDF calendars covering the three different types of filing […]

There Are Elections in 2015

While most election coverage is focused on speculation for the 2016 presidential race, voters in five states – Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, and Virginia – will go to the polls for a gubernatorial or state legislature race in 2015. State Type Primary Date Kentucky Gubernatorial 5/15/2015 Louisiana Gubernatorial + State Legislature Primary: 10/24/2015 Election: 11/17/2015 Mississippi Gubernatorial […]

Political Fundraising Glossary

Political Fundraising Glossary Like any industry, political fundraisers throw around a lot of industry specific terms. This is a quick effort to gain a little clarity. Note that this page is a work in progress and will evolve as we think of more items to put on the list.     0-9 501(c) Groups: Nonprofit, […]