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A Guide to Facebook’s New Political Ad Changes

If you work for a political campaign, PAC or nonprofit you probably noticed changes on Facebook’s Business Manager when you tried to place an ad. On May 22, the social network implemented sweeping changes for ads it considers political on both Facebook and Instagram. This new, controversial policy was announced last October after Facebook revealed […]

Advisory Opinions #7: Facebook’s New Advertising Rules

At the end of May, Facebook implemented new advertising rules for political and issue ads. In episode 7, Jack and Adrienne cover: Who needs to be verified and what the process requires. What Facebook classifies as an “issue” ad. How the new process will affect small businesses, nonprofits and former office holders. What the ad […]

Check Out the Advisory Opinions Podcast

Want to keep up with the latest news for campaign, compliance and fundraising professionals? Pull up your favorite podcast service and subscribe to CMDI’s new podcast, Advisory Opinions. It’s a show for Republican campaign professionals by campaign professionals. Advisory Opinions isn’t like the other punditry shows stacking up in your queue. Each episode is short — […]

2018 Primary Dates

Last week, Texas kicked off primaries for U.S. House and Senate races throughout the country. With more than 30 state primaries occurring between now and June 30, it can be a challenge to keep up with all of the dates for this mid-term election cycle. This is why we created a downloadable one-page list of […]

2018 FEC Reporting Deadlines

Since 2018 is an election year, most committees registered with the FEC must file reports either quarterly or monthly. Make sure you don’t forget one of these important deadlines! Download CMDI’s one-pager of FEC deadlines to help plan your year. The frequency of filing depends on your committee type. For example, National party committees are […]

All About Joint Fundraising Committees

Recently, joint fundraising committees became the focus of media attention after Donna Brazile revealed details of the agreement between the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee. While JFCs have increased  over the past decade, not much is written about this fundraising strategy. For the first-time candidate or political novice, the jargon and regulations […]

What does that mean? A Glossary of Political Jargon

Does it seem like the world of politics has its own language? Have you ever read a newspaper editorial or listened to the news and heard an expression that you didn’t understand? Have you ever wondered how the colorful words used in political commentary were coined? Modern political jargon is an odd mixture of historical […]

How Conservatives Donate to Nonprofits

How do nonprofit donors around the world stack up? The 2017 Global Trends in Giving Report, a new report on donors around the world, has the numbers and findings on the habits of donors and what they want from nonprofits. The survey split participants into liberal, moderate and conservative segments with 12.5% identifying as conservative. […]

New Help Portal Launched at FEC

The FEC recently launched a new way to access help from the Reports Analysis Division. Through a new portal, committees can find the contact information for their assigned Campaign Finance Analyst and directly email questions to that person. According to the FEC, answers can be expected between one to three days. The FEC also released […]

Infographic: The Final Numbers for the GA-6 Special Election

Immediately following the results of the special election in Georgia, we knew two things: Karen Handel won, and it was the most expensive House race in history. However, we didn’t know the exact totals because final FEC reports weren’t due until the end of July. At the time of the election, the New York Times […]

Preparing for Media Questions on Campaign Fundraising & FEC Reports

  In the uncertain world of political campaigns, you can always count on getting questions from the press about fundraising and FEC reports. How do you prepare your staff to answer these questions? Recently, the National Press Club Foundation hosted a panel discussion on how to document campaign cash featuring reporters from national media outlets […]

The Money Behind the GA-6 Special Election

On April 20, Georgians went to the polls in the special election for the sixth congressional district. The top two candidates emerging from the 18-person race were Jon Ossoff (D) and Karen Handel (R), and it is now on track to be the most expensive House race ever. Most media attention focused on the $8.3 […]

Need Help Deciphering FEC Forms?

When working on FEC reports or reviewing filings, did you know that you can tell the specific type of line number or expenditure based on the line number on the FEC form? CMDI’s FEC Line Numbers by FEC Reports is one of our most popular downloads and guides on the Crimson Helpdesk. Now updated for […]

2017 Elections: Special Election in Georgia

Today, voters in the metro Atlanta area will go to the polls to decide the replacement for Dr. Tom Price, the new secretary for Health and Human Services, in the sixth congressional district of Georgia. If last week’s election in Kansas was nationalized as a test of voter satisfaction with President Trump, the special election […]

Download 2017 FEC Contribution Limits

Last week, the Federal Election Commission released the new contribution limits for the 2017-2018 election cycle. While donations from individuals to campaign committees and PACs did not increase, they did go up for two types of donations: $500 to party committees (RNC, NRCC and NRSC) for a total of $33,900 per committee $1,500 to other […]

2017 FEC Reporting Deadlines

While 2017 is not an election year for most, PACs, parties and candidate committees are still required to submit regular filings to the Federal Election Commission. Download one of these helpful one-pagers to remind you of the deadlines to submit reports throughout 2017: 2017 Monthly Filing Deadlines (PDF) 2017 Quarterly & Semi-annual Filing Deadlines (PDF) […]

How to Allocate Surplus Campaign Funds

State primaries are currently taking place across the country. Unfortunately, after every election, many committees must end their efforts. However, before terminating, campaign committees must “wind down.” The campaign infrastructure, which took months or years to build, cannot be dismantled overnight. Campaigns must pay off debt, sell assets and compensate the staff responsible for the wind down process, which includes compliance activities in accordance with FEC regulations. Usually, campaigns are left with few remaining resources. Occasionally, however, former candidates face an unusual dilemma. After losing an election, how does a campaign committee allocate surplus funds?

Infographic: Who’s Still Running for President?

Since the beginning of February, six Republican presidential candidates have dropped out, which leaves another group of six candidates actively campaigning to be the Republican nominee. With South Carolina voting on Saturday, February 20, and Nevada immediately following on Tuesday, February 23, will the field be winnowed down further before March 1 when 13 states […]

FEC Reporting Deadlines for 2016

  With the start of the new year, the Federal Elections Commission posted the dates for filing deadlines in 2016. CMDI made it easier for you to keep up with the deadlines for quarterly and monthly filers with this helpful download. The 1-page cheat sheet has dates for end of each filing period and its […]

Infographic: Candidates & Committees

Not only is it hard to keep up with which Super PACs are connected to each presidential campaign, but it can be a challenge to remember the differences between a Super PAC, leadership PAC, 527 and 501(c)4 organization. A new infographic from CMDI identifies each of the organizations affiliated with each candidate and explains the […]