Crimson v2


Crimson v2 – an affordable, fully-integrated Republican campaign platform.


Crimson brings commercial enterprise resource planning software to politics. All campaign data and voter touch points are collected and shared by every department and all staff allowing you to drive decisions and take the action needed for victory.


Build a Voter Centric Campaign

Every action by a potential supporter is a campaign data asset (voting history, demographics, donations, email, online & social activity, behavioral, events attendance, etc). Use Crimson to collect and organize every supporter action in a unique supporter profile.

Gain the Data Advantage

The real Crimson payoff comes as supporter data is captured and analyzed to gain intelligence into both individual supporters and the political environment. When analyzed intelligently, supporter data becomes the basis of future targeted messaging campaigns and enhanced fundraising initiatives.

Centralize your Communications

Crimson allows you to launch and track response rates, communications with your supporters via email, mail, phones, text messaging, web landing pages, online advertising, and social media.

Maintain Compliance

Federal campaign compliance filings are simplified with Crimson. A menu driven process guides you through the preparation and filing of FEC reports according to FEC guidelines. For state level filings, Crimson generates the data you need to file your reports.


Crimson by the Numbers

Republican Data Points1.29 Billion
Republican Transactions31,106,965
Republican Funds Raised ($2 out of every $3 donations)$5.002 Billion





crimson_v2-dashboardGet the insights you need to make smarter decisions with data-driven performance metrics. Native segmentation, mapping, and analytics dashboards allow campaigns to predict and act on political trends, rather than respond after the fact.








Optimized for Tablets and Phones

CrimsonFiler works on all you devicesCampaigns are constantly on the go and now you can take Crimson v2 and your data with you.

Using HTML5, Crimson v2 incorporates responsive design allowing you to do your work using whichever device you have at hand – your tablet, phone, or even that old-fashioned desktop of yours.




crimson_v2-gifts-channel-chartDig deeper. Crimson comes with a standard set of almost 1,000 reports. You can query your data to see the detailed information you need to run your campaign, including management reports, Blue Books, call sheets, and other mission critical reports.

Campaign teams have instant real-time data in quick summary form or in detailed response analysis reports. Monitoring communication efforts by program, event, mail package, or even specific fundraising agents is made easy with Crimson’s simple queries.

Have a unique request? No problem. Create custom reports that include the unique data you need.   All reports – whether standard or custom – can be exported.


Crimson Platform

campaign-databaseFor platforms to be effective, they must be flexible and expandable. Crimson gives you secure APIs to quickly link approved third-party applications to your Crimson platform – or – you can assemble your own applications built on top of Crimson with minimal resources. APIs also allow you to easily enhance your data or add new data from any number of sources. Linking Crimson to outside data sources is a snap.

Create fantastic applications by tapping into the power of the platform. We’ve created the Crimson Developer Portal to enable developers to securely access APIs to build the tools our party needs to win in 2016 and beyond. In fact, we actively encourage you to create new types of applications built upon the Crimson platform!

Incorporate our APIs into your products to enable Republican campaigns to:

  • Process political gifts
  • Monitor your progress towards fundraising objectives
  • Query Crimson for supporters and donors
  • Manage donor and supporter records
  • Track execute successful political events
  • And more!


Manage Your Contacts

crimson_v2-people-recordKeep single shared supporter profiles, campaign-wide. Know you’re looking at the same up-to-date contact information as everyone else in your campaign. Keeping all your contact data in one place allows you to collaborate across your organization to identify new fundraising and political opportunities.







Manage Your Voter Data

crimson_v2-dashboard-peopleTrack your voters and their actions in Crimson. Need more voter data? You can purchase high-quality voter data in the industry from the biggest names in the business in the CrimsonMarket.







Online Fundraising with WidgetMakr

Crimson is fully-integrated with WidgetMakr, which allows your campaign to create unlimited forms WidgetMakr Logo Finalfor donation processing or collecting information from your web site visitors. The best part is that all data collected from WidgetMakr forms is passed directly into Crimson.
Process donations with ipads, iphones and android devices

WidgetMakr features include:

• Form Builder Wizards
Easy to use form builder to place forms on any page on your website or Facebook pages to collect donations, pledges, event RSVPs, yard sign requests, volunteer signups… anything!

• Fully-Customizable Forms
Use your own CSS to apply a fully-customizable look and feel to your forms. You can even create your own custom thank you page or post-donation flow.

• Tracking Scripts, Pixels, & Cookies
Embed tracking codes and cookies to both your forms and your thank you pages to utilize the web analytics tools of your choice.

• Crimson Integration
WidgetMakr’s Crimson integration allows you to track form conversions fundraiser IDs, event codes, source codes, and initiative codes. The great part is that this data automatically flows back into Crimson.

• Dashboards
Clear dashboards make tracking donation form performance data a snap:

  • Social Fundraising – personal fundraising pages and Facebook embeds make social fundraising easy
  • APIs – leverage WidgetMakr’s robust platform to build your own forms using our APIs
  • A/B Testing – organize and track your donation page perforce with WidgetMakr’s widget tagging system and performance comparison dashboards
  • Mobile Support – your forms are automatically optimized for mobile devices
Learn more…


Website Integration

Use Crimson to track the data you collect through your website. Through WidgetMakr or Crimson APIs, Crimson will tag your web data and add it directly to your donor database. Any kind of data you want to track – contributions, volunteer activity, email signups, or any other  information you need – will immediately move to your database for later use.

Visit our Crimson Developer Portal to learn more about the APIs we make available or register as a developer.



Content Delivery: Crimson Emailer features a dynamic content interface, to include personalization, templates, and twitter integration. The Email Send wizard takes you step-by-step through the creation and send process.

Instant content validation tools and message review diagnostics provide spam proofing to every email you prepare. This will segregate spam risk-prone language and items into “Critical” or “Recommended” categories, so you decide what stays and what goes.

To maximize the delivery rates of your email, Crimson Emailer maintains information on email addresses and domains that could cause deliverability problems for your sends. This includes addresses that are known spam traps (inactive addresses used by domains to identify spammers) and domains that no longer provide email services

Tracking Reports on Email Performance: Crimson Emailer produces performance reports by subscriber list and over designated time period. This includes the rate at which subscribers open, click, forward, or unsubscribe from your list. Crimson Emailer also provides a summary for all emails from your account, including any spam complaints.

Subscriber Management: Crimson Emailer Subscription Hub also allows dynamic profile and preference attribution for each subscriber. The subscription center allows list management, tracking, grouping, and suppression. This functionality can be linked directly to your website to harvest volunteer emails and new email list subscribers.


Custom Data Tracking

The types of data available to add to your contract records is endless. Crimson makes it easy add and search on any custom data you might want to add to your contact records.


Manage Your Fundraising Opportunities

Get all the details on all your finance team’s solicitations such as prospecting stage, contact history, events attended, hot-button issues, and more. See where prospects come from and stay connected to the people and information you need to close every contribution.


Call Sheets & Tasks

Call SheetAutomate your work flow. Use Crimson to create Call Sheets and Tasks, then assign them to your fundraisers, staff and candidates.

When a user logs into Crimson on a computer or mobile device, pending calls and tasks that have been assigned will automatically appear in My Tasks. Clicking on a task displays all the information needed to complete it, including instructions and a profile of the person to be contacted. A notification will be sent to you once the task is completed, if follow-up is required, or the task is reassigned to someone else.







crimson_v2-donors-near-eventTrack and manage all the important fundraising control points for your events:

  • Identify donors who are in close proximity to events
  • Set fundraising goals
  • Record detailed costs
  • Invite guests
  • Manage RSVPs
  • Track money and pledges
  • Monitor who is attending multi-function events and special requirements
  • Attach documents and emails to any attendee record with Crimson’s file cabinet function
  • Allow supporters to RSVP online through WidgetMakr event forms


Fundraising Compliance Tracking

Crimson dashboard-complianceCrimson makes it easy to code exceptions for follow-up. A list of default codes is available to cover most compliance situations, such as, “Presumptive Reattribution Letter Needed”, “Personal Funds Verification Needed”, etc. You can create unique codes at any time as well. The coding tracks these letters through the compliance process until the issue is resolved.

Crimson stores all receipt and expenditure transactions and retains all “best efforts” information. The best part is that you are automatically prompted to resolve time-sensitive issues. Powerful and easy-to-use tools facilitate exception coding, gift splitting, reattributions, redesignations and more.

Crimson identifies donor records needing “Best Efforts” follow-up and makes that process work smoothly.
Crimson treasury and compliance reports empower users to confirm their totals and clean their data before piecing together a report.


FEC & State Filings

FECFederal filings are simplified with CrimsonFiler. A menu driven process guides users through the preparation and filing of FEC reports according to FEC guidelines.

Receipts and expenditures are loaded from Crimson with the click of a button. If you choose to use software other than Crimson for tracking expenditures, you can easily import your data directly into CrimsonFiler. Enter or modify your data at any point during the filing process. When all data is entered, your report will be checked and validated to identify all potential errors or warnings for you to review and correct.

For state level filings, Crimson generates the data you need to file your reports. Currently Crimson is integrated with a handful of major Republican state election committees. Contact us at to learn if Crimson works with your state election committee.


Fundraising Clubs

Clubs are a great way for supporters to get involved with your committee. Crimson allows you to automate the management of an unlimited number of donor clubs. Members can sign up and pay their dues online. Crimson will automatically process reoccurring club dues and track member’s statuses. Easily run reports on which members are current, lapsed or those whose credit cards have expired.


Complex Search and Data Queries

Crimson makes complex queries easy allowing staffers to generate direct mail blue books or targeted email lists based on any combination of supporter geography, giving behavior, keyword, flags, etc.


Data Exports

Set your data free. Any data that is contained in Crimson can be visualized in a Report and then exported into a .CSV, .XLSV or Evite file so you can use and manipulate the data in any way your team requires.


Data Imports

Easily import data from other databases and spreadsheets directly into Crimson. Crimson’s import utility allows you to easily map data from any file to Crimson’s database. Save your work so you never have to recreate instructions for the source file. If you need to import the same file every week, Crimson’s import utility remembers how you did it the first time so each following week, your import is quick and easy.


Easy Data Entry

The best place to catch an error is at the point of data entry. When you enter a donation,  Crimson’s smart matching logic checks your database for look-alike donors and lets you know if you might be entering duplicate donor record. If Crimson already has your donor’s personal information, it will auto-fills the donor’ contact data and flag the donation if their is a chance it doesn’t meet compliance rules.

Crimson provides a number of different methods to make data entry easier than ever. Last cycle alone, Crimson was used to key by hand over 4.1 million donor records.


Data Hygiene

Duplicates: Crimson will alert you to possible duplicate records and allows you to merge records without losing data. Crimson APIs and Widgets allow data to be collected from the internet without having to reenter it into the system. Selecting and exporting records is easy and quick as Crimson guides you through a menu of selection and suppression options. Export to .csv , .xls or Evite.

Address Verification: To improve delivery of mail and the identification of duplicate records, postal addresses are automatically verified and corrected against a USPS file of valid mail delivery points. Address elements are reformatted and standardized to USPS specifications for correct spelling, pre and post directionals and standard abbreviations. Zip+4, County FIPs and Congressional District (CD) codes are added or corrected.


Finance ROIs

Tracking the return on your fundraising initiatives is made easy using Crimson’s intuitive reporting functions. Powerful reports for your finance staff will hold them accountable to specific amounts and produce immediate contribution history and tracking information. Doing this will keep you on the funding schedule you designed. You will be able to plan and evaluate how that plan is met by tracking a full year of fundraising income and expenses month-to-month.


Best-In-Class Accounting Software Integration (Quickbooks, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Sage 50)

Cash management is critical for a successful political committee. Crimson allow you to utilize any major best-in-class accounting software packages. Accounting platforms and services are integrated with a chart of accounts for writing checks, tracking expenses, and reporting expenditures.


Campaign Alerts

Important campaign news and motivational messages may be broadcast to your staff through Crimson. Managers can post messages that will appear on your Crimson users Crimson personal homepages. Messages may include links to news stories or polling information found elsewhere on the web. Posting information is easy and can be changed as often as you like.


Multiple Levels of User Rights

Crimson allows you to limit the amount of data your users can access and/or edit. You can limit volunteers to data entry. You may want interns to only be able to run reports.


Unlimited Users

One monthly fee gives you an unlimited number of Crimson users, no matter the size of your campaign’s team.


User Logs

Crimson tracks each users activity. Who was the last person to touch that donor record? Now you can find out. If you are having a problem with a user, find which records they changed and roll them back.