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RPM Makes Volunteer Fundraising Easy

Crimson RPM makes setting up and managing fundraising teams easy If using volunteers to fundraise is part of your campaign strategy, Crimson RPM is the key to your success. The processes for RPM have been battle hardened by 4 presidential campaigns and more than 100 federal and local races. RPM gives your team: volunteer fundraiser […]

Best Way To Fundraise: Friends-Asking-Friends

Friends-Asking-Friends Fundraising Takes Off I took a quick look at our Crimson RPM (our political social fundraising/bundling software) dashboard and our “ACTIVE” usage just passed 7,000 users. This means that 7,217 people (as of 10:21 EST this am) are actively raising money for either the RNC or one of our 5 Republican presidential candidates. That is […]

First New Feature Launch in 2012

CMDI has great news. This weekend we are launching our first release of 2012! The most important new feature is our Expenditures Module, which includes: easy expenditure entry forms vendor tracking for credit card disbursement, data import with automatic duplicate entry screening, political campaign specific “Chart of Accounts” Cash-On-Hand reports easy integration into FEC report […]

How is Crimson different? Part 1

My last post has inspired me to scribble up the more common comparison that our prospects face, what is the difference between Crimson and the political software competition? Before I go too far, the most glaring difference is that CMDI’s Crimson is ONLY for Republican campaigns. A number of our esteemed competing platforms work with […]

Expenditure Module Coming Soon!

[box]CMDI is pleased to announce we will be releasing the Crimson’s Expenditure Module in mid January 2012! Crimson users will now have the option to record all of their organizations disbursements directly in the Crimson database. [/box]  Features Include: Ultimate vendor tracking for credit card disbursement Simple and quick data entry Import option to avoid duplicate […]

New Features in Crimson!

[box]We have released several new features to Crimson in the past couple months. Here is a brief summary of the most important changes…[/box] New Features: Email Donation Form  Print or email a pre-filled contribution form right from a record. The message sent will display the email address linked to the User’s Crimson account for seemless corespondence between […]

WidgetMakr is here! [VIDEO]

About a month ago we released our latest fundraising tool, WidgetMakr. It allows organizations of any size to create their own custom donor forms to place anywhere on the web. Here is a fun video explaining all that WidgetMakr can do! Sign up today to get your online fundraising started!

Upgrade to Crimson Today!

CMDI is proud to introduce Crimson, a new, cutting-edge finance tool for Republican finance staff and treasurers. GOP campaigns use Crimson to raise and manage money because our platform collects and integrates data in ways never before available to Congressional and Senate campaigns. No other software is used to raise and report more money for Republicans […]

Easy Volunteer Fundraising

Volunteer fundraisers are an important part of any political campaign’s fundraising effort.  Tracking contributions and crediting the fundraisers appropriately can be a complicated and delicate process, as fundraisers expect to be given proper credit for their efforts. CMDI offers CrimsonRPM as a solution to this problem.  A completely web-based application, CrimsonRPM allows bundlers to track […]

WidgetMakr: Coming Summer 2011

Follow @WidgetMakr WidgetMakr allows you to create, distribute, and track secure fundraising widgets across the web so that you can maximize your organization’s fundraising potential.     Create WidgetMakr allows you create completely customizable widgets from scratch without writing any code. You can create a full page, half page, or sidebar widget. Change fonts, colors, […]