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Campaigns & Elections: Building & Managing Your Digital Campaign Team

Jack Simms, Vice President of Product Development at CMDI, penned an article for Campaigns & Elections magazine on how campaigns can build a strong digital team even when you aren’t familiar with the digital world.  It’s increasingly difficult to run a winning campaign without the help of good digital staff. A proper campaign will need […]

Campaigns and Elections: Shop Talk

  Our Shoptalkers: Austin James, digital director for CMDI, a Republican finance services platform; Brian Ross Adams, an online branding and social media marketing consultant; Catherine Geanuracos, CEO of New Economy Campaigns; and Ron Robinson, digital director for the National Draft Ben Carson for President Committee. C&E: Was the Left’s four-cycle digital evolution shaped more […]


CMDI has teamed with Eventbrite to create a new campaign fundraising data app. The third-part app, called Crimson Market, is designed to make FEC compliance easier by allowing campaigns to “seamlessly import” donors’ Eventbrite information into their Crimson accounts. Read more at Campaigns & Elections


Politico By Byron Tau | 05/28/14 1:57 PM EDT Original post: GOP FUNDRAISING FIRM LAUNCHES NEW TOOL A leading GOP data management and fundraising firm, CMDI, has launched a new tool called “Spark” that can generate donation amounts for a donor based on past contributions. “With current online fundraising methods, campaigns are leaving money […]

Spark is the latest Republican secret fundraising weapon

Tysons Corner, VA, May 28, 2013 – CMDI has launched what could become one of the most important online fundraising tools of the 2014 election cycle, Spark™ Smart Donation Forms. Much like Amazon’s recommendation engine that suggests products that will most likely appeal to a shopper based on their past shopping behavior, Spark looks at […]

InTheCapital: CMDI Releases Technology Software to Help GOP in 2014 and 2016

InTheCapital By: Ayobami Olugbemiga | April 15th 2014, 4:35pm Original post: CMDI Releases Crimson v.2: CMDI, the Republican Party’s leading technology provider, released a new version of their cloud-based campaign software Crimson. The new Crimson v.2, is “the first and only true cloud-based, integrated political enterprise software, making it the most significant technology platform […]


Politico By Byron Tau | 04/09/14 2:04 PM EDT Original post: CMDI UNVEILS CRIMSON VERSION 2 On Tuesday, Republican technology provider and compliance firm CMDI rolled out the latest version of their cloud-based campaign software Crimson. The new Crimson v.2 is the newest incarnation of their integrated political enterprise software platform, and it allows […]

What makes your political donors click?

How do you increase fundraising click-throughs? New research says self-referencing headlines can make a dramatic difference.   Self-referencing posts or email subject lines that are posed as a question have a higher click-through rate, new research shows. An example of a self-referencing question headline: “Is your dog really a cat?” The word “your” is the […]

By Helping Republicans Increase Fundraising by $1 Billion, CMDI Joins the Inc. 5000 List

Tysons Corner, VA, August 20, 2013 – Today CMDI has been named as the only Republican political software firm to be listed on the annual Inc. 5000 ranking of America’s fastest growing private companies. Our success is really a reflection of our enabling Republican campaigns, committees & PACs to maximize their fundraising effectiveness,” said John […]

Campaigns & Elections: Guarding Against Unauthorized Transactions

Campaigns & Elections Magazine | By Emily Tadlock | July/August, 2013, Issue 319 A simple approval process can save your campaign a major headache   All too often campaigns don’t have the necessary checks and balances in place when it comes to expenditures. If a transaction hasn’t been authorized or isn’t disclosed, then it’s potentially […]

DailyCaller: Campaign finance tool gives GOP candidates a leg-up on FEC filing

DailyCaller By Alic Hill | July 19, 2013 | Original Post The Federal Election Committee’s Q2 filing deadline for campaign finance reports — a date congressional campaigns and national committees do not generally mark on their calenders with gleeful anticipation — was this Tuesday. The very next day, July 17, campaign software giant CMDI unveiled […]

Politico: GOP firm launches the Turbotax of FEC compliance

Politico By Byron Tau & Anna Palmer | 07/17/13 1:59 PM EDT Original post: GOP firm launches the Turbotax of FEC compliance Election compliance firm CMDI announced the launch of a new product that it hopes will make filing FEC reports as easy as doing your taxes with tax software. The program, CrimsonFiler, asks […]

TechPresident: New FEC Filing Tool for Republican Campaigns

TechPresident By Sam Roudman | Wednesday, July 16, 2013 Original post: New FEC Filing Tool for Republican Campaigns: CrimsonFiler   Tuesday is the deadline for Congressional candidates to report their finances to the Federal Election Commission, and according to Erik Nilsson, a Vice President at Republican campaign software giant CMDI, all the compliance rules […]

Campaigns & Elections: RevoltDC Hackathon Awards $6,500 in Prizes

Campaigns & Elections Magazine | By C&E Staff | June 24, 2013 The creators of a two-way public opinion aggregation platform were crowned the winners of the RevoltDC Hackathon Saturday in Washington. Judges awarded Cameron Gallarno, Ahmad Rahim, Seif Kobrosly, Ryan Archer, and Elsa Sze, who went by the team name Agora, the top prize […]

Campaigns & Elections: The Future of the Fundraising Arms Race

Campaigns & Elections Magazine | By John Simms & Stu Trevelyan | Mar 06 2012 The fundraising technology created by John Simms of the Republican firm CMDI and Stu Trevelyan of the Democratic firm NGP VAN powered the majority of all funds raised for 2012.

Wall Street Journal: Software Firms Feel Political Heat in D.C.

    The Wall Street Journal By Amy Schatz | Wednesday, October 3, 2012 WASHINGTON—Good software works for Republicans and Democrats alike, but successful software makers often don’t. West Coast-based technology start-ups have flocked to Washington this campaign season in hopes of attracting some of the more than $300 million expected to be spent on […]

TechPresident: A Personal Democracy Plus “Quick Look”

TechPresident By Sam Roudman | Friday, September 21 2012 Original post: Payment processor CMDI has grown from a caging operation for Republican campaigns into an Internet-enabled fundraising platform. Here’s a look at what the big-time payment processor has to offer, including how it’s hoping to reach out to campaigns down the ballot. Read the […]

NPR: Wireless Carriers Text ‘NO’ To Campaign Donations

NPR “All Things Considered” – Political candidates rely on phone banks, direct mail, bundling and other fundraising techniques, but the next big fundraising tool maybe your cell phone. In June, the Federal Election Commission gave the go-ahead for political donations via text message. But cell phone carriers aren’t so excited. Audie Cornish speaks with political consultant […]

Campaigns & Elections: Questions surround text-to-donate

By Dave Nyczepir, Campaigns & Elections Magazine  WASHINGTON —  Setting up a text-to-donate regime in time for political campaigns to cash in before November looks increasingly like a long shot… CTIA wants the FEC to clarify which party is responsible for determining the eligibility of contributors, along with ensuring that wireless carriers are not tasked with […]

TechPresident: CMDI Launches Mobile Fundraising Tool

BY SARAH LAI STIRLAND | Thursday, June 14 2012 Original post: CMDI, the company that makes the most widely used campaign finance management and reporting tool for Republicans, launched a mobile version of its product Thursday. Called CrimsonMobile, the product enables its users to tap into CMDI’s database of around 20 million donors as well […]