We’re experts at FEC Filing

We’re the compliance experts, and our record shows it. In 1996, we invented electronic FEC filing and in 2012 we managed $2 out of every $3 raised by Republicans.

Between CrimsonFiler, our compliance software, and our team of experts, CMDI has the right solution to help your campaign or PAC file with the Federal Election Commission.

Compliance Options that Fit

If you’ve ever been confused about how to file your FEC reports, you’re not alone. FEC regulations are different from standard accounting practices,and making the right reporting decisions can be difficult. As industry leaders, CMDI knows the importance of clarity, directness, and efficiency for federal campaign filing.

Whether you’re new to FEC report filing or have been doing it for years, or if you’re just starting to raise funds or have extensive donation transactions to work with, CMDI has filing options perfectly suited for your Republican committee.

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The FEC Filing Process

1. Data Hygiene– we check your donor records for complete data and duplicate records.
2. Overlimits Screening – we confirm that all overlimit transactions have been corrected.
3. Review Contribution File – we make sure your contribution file includes the necessary data for your filing.
4. Import Contribution File – your data is pulled into CrimsonFiler.
5. Record Transfer/Joint Fundraising Committee Entries – we import your funding transfers into CrimsonFiler.
6. Receive & Review Expenditure Files – we confirm that all expenditure files are recorded correctly.

7. Import Expenditure Files – your expenditure data is pulled into CrimsonFiler.
8. Record Any Debts / Loans – we enter your debt and loan data into CrimsonFiler.
9. Generate & Validate Report and Confirm Totals – A FEC report is generated, totals are confirmed, and the report is validated against standard FEC filing rules.
10. Add Salts – Salt records can be added to your reports. Salts allow you to identify illegally downloaded lists from the FEC’s website. We will notify the FEC as to which of your donor records are salts.
11. File Report – for congressional committees, PACs and parties, your report is electronically filed with the FEC. For senatorial committees, your report is printed and hand delivered to the FEC. Electronic filing is available for senatorial committees on request.