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Feature of the Month: Two CrimsonFiler Shortcuts

With the deadline for Year-end 2017 reports approaching, you might need help completing your filings. Here are two features in CrimsonFiler that can make completing your reports easier and faster – the Best Effort Update and the Sync to Crimson features. Best Effort Update: streamline updates made in Crimson for employer and occupation information without […]

Feature of the Month: Linking Contacts to People Records

  Did you know that Crimson has features that help connect how the people in your database know each other? Under People Records, the Contacts section serves as an area to save information about people affiliated with that individual, such as an assistant, co-worker, or family member. Now, it is easier to use this function. […]

Feature of the Month: How to Use Map It

With the new Map It features in Crimson, you can quickly visualize data to see the locations of your donors, prospects, or events. Using these two different features, one for Events and one for People Search, is a fast way to see a distribution of the locations of your data. How to Use Events Map […]

Feature of the Month: How to Add Gift Attachments

  Did you read about the new Gift Attachment feature? You can now attach images and files to either individual gifts or batches in Crimson. This is helpful when you need to review gift details for an individual gift, see the direct mail letter that prompted a donation, or verify event details on an invitation. […]

Feature of the Month: How to Create Top Flags

  Flags are excellent ways to organize your data in Crimson. You can mark a person as “do not mail,” “volunteer,” or with some other important word or phrase to highlight the data. The more you flag and mark your data, the more you can target it for fundraising, volunteering, or get out the vote […]

Feature of the Month: How to Use New Events Tools

In May, we released new features under the Events section of Crimson. These new features expanded the information displayed on the Events home page, created an Events Search, and increased export functions. Read below for directions on how to use these new, expanded features. For even more ways to use the Events section of Crimson, […]

Feature of the Month: Deduping Tool

Earlier this month, we rolled out a new deduping tool that identifies possible duplicates for you to review. Found on the Compliance dashboard, the deduping tool highlights the potential records in groups of twenty and highlights the reason why they are a possible duplicate. Using this new tool is the fastest way to clean up […]

Feature of the Month: How to Organize Your Data for a New Cycle

Not only is it a new year, but it’s also a new election cycle. Now that the Year-end 2016 reports are filed and mid-terms are still months away, this is the perfect time to review your Crimson is set up to organize data and make sure your Source Codes are set up in the best […]

Feature of the Month: How to Find and Flag Over Limit Donors

Following up with donors who have contributed too much to a campaign is becoming increasingly important. With the growth of multi-channel fundraising, it’s now possible for undisclosed donors to make enough repeated gifts and go over FEC limits. If your campaign isn’t using a CRM platform such as Crimson that centralizes donor data for all […]

Feature of the Month: Suppress Channel Flags

Does your campaign or PAC have a long list of flags to suppress when you run a People search in Crimson? If you struggle to always remember to suppress flags like “do not mail” or “deceased,” Crimson has a new feature that will make your searches easier. A new button under the Suppression section of […]

Feature of the Month: Reconcile Accounts with MeS Reports

Reconciling credit card totals can be a challenge for compliance and treasury staff on political campaigns. Crimson now offers four different credit card reconciliation reports to make the process easier. All four reports reconcile transaction information from Merchant e-Solutions (MeS) reports with data from Crimson. These MeS reports were previously only available online through the […]

Crimson Feature of the Month: ID Tokens

ID tokens, one of Crimson’s latest features, associate a unique code with every donor in your Crimson database. In WidgetMaker, the tokens can be added to widgets using URL parameters. The parameters serve to pre-populate sections of the donation form, such as name and address, based on the information in the donor’s Crimson record. This feature allows donors to make contributions more quickly and easily than ever!

Feature of the Month: Push Notifications on Crimson

  It’s now easier to keep up with your tasks and updates in Crimson when you enable push notifications on either your email or smartphone. When push notifications are turned on, Crimson will send a notification to your smartphone as well as your desktop through your Crimson account whenever a task is added, updated, or […]

Crimson Feature of the Month: Export by Channel

  When you export voter or donor records in Crimson, you can now download a file containing only the contact records that have the information you want. Export by Channel, a new feature recently rolled out in Crimson, helps you prioritize the information that is downloaded after completing a People Search. By using Export by […]

Feature of the Month: Import a vCard

  Next time you need to import contacts in Crimson, save time by directly importing their vCard information. A vCard or .vcf file is an electronic business card that is frequently attached to email messages. Through the Import menu in Crimson, you can upload .vcf files into Crimson under the Add a Record option. 1. Save […]

How to Import an Invitees List to an Event in Crimson

Did you know that you can save time and stay organized by using Crimson features to manage fundraising events? Through the Import/Data Entry feature, you use import options to connect a list of invitees to an event that’s been added to your Crimson account. It’s simple to upload an Excel file with the information about people […]

How to Swipe for Donations with CrimsonMobile

Through the CrimsonMobile app – available for free in the Google Play store— you can now attach a card reader to process credit card donations on Android* cell phones and tablets. Follow the directions below in CMDI’s latest Feature of the Month post to process donations by swiping cards on your Android phone or tablet. […]

Crimson Feature of the Month: Adding 2 Emails on FEC Form 1

How to Add a 2nd Email to the FEC Form 1 in CrimsonFiler In last week’s Tips for Treasurers, the Federal Election Commission explained how to add a second email to a FEC Form 1 (Statement of Organization). This might not sound important, but by providing a second contact to the Statement of Organization, the […]

Crimson Feature of the Month: Mass Append

Have you ever needed to add a keyword or event details to a large number of records in your database? You should take advantage of one of Crimson’s most popular features – the Mass Append. Through this feature, Crimson users can add or update flags, keywords, notes, tasks, and events in bulk to their People […]

Feature of the Month: Download a List of Donors Needing Thank You Notes

It’s the end of the quarter. Your campaign or PAC has been busy meeting fundraising goals and completing FEC reports, but have you remembered to thank your donors? If you want to retain your donors, it’s critical to thank them. Crimson makes the thank you letter process easier with the Thank You List Select tool. […]