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Optimized for Working on-the-Go

Campaign Data From Your Phone

Built with a responsive design, the Crimson platform centralizes all campaign data and voter touch points so that real-time updates can be accessed through intuitive and clickable dashboards wherever you have an internet connection. 

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Fully Responsive Design

Much of the campaign trail takes you outside the office, so Crimson was designed to work on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. You don’t need an extra app or a different set of login credentials. Simply open Crimson using the browser on your device to access the full platform.

Crimson Security Wherever You Are

Campaigns need to move fast and trust that their data is secure. Crimson is designed to be responsive and secure for whatever device you are using with two-factor authentication when you sign in.

Security for the entire Crimson platform relies on PCI standards, and credit cards are processed through our integration with Anedot.

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