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Gain the data advantage

Data is What We Know Best

In order to win, campaigns must leverage data from a multitude of sources that Crimson puts at your fingertips.

Break Up Data Silos

Crimson breaks up the traditional divisions that exist among departments by centralizing your data. By seeing a 360º view of potential viewers, campaigns have the data to make the best decisions for victory.


Catch Errors and Missing Data

Crimson works to catch errors at the point of entry with smart-matching logic that checks your database for look-a-like donors. If you appear to be duplicating data, Crimson alerts you.

Crimson also flags donors that need follow-up too meet compliance standards. Before finishing a compliance or treasury report, Crimson will confirm that data is clean and complete.

Visualize Data with Reports

Any data that is contained in Crimson can be visualized in a report and then exported into a .CSV, or .XLSV file. You can also analyze real-time data in quick summary form or use one of the nearly 1,000 reports that come standard with Crimson.

Have a unique request? Create custom reports that include the unique data you need. All reports – whether standard or custom – can be exported.

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Complex Search & Data Queries

Crimson makes complex queries easy allowing staffers to generate direct mail blue books or targeted email lists based on any combination of supporter geography, giving behavior, keyword, flags, and other search parameters.