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Track Every Opportunity

Through the Crimson Fundraising  dashboard, committees can comprehensively manage their entire fundraising program with at-a-glance graphs on the Fundraising Dashboard that capture top-line fundraising data. This section also makes it easy to drill down into specific data with clickable graphs for totals raised by cycle-to-date, program, or payment type.

At-a-Glance Data Insights

With the cards on the Fundraising Dashboard, Crimson users can track all-time donor totals, total gifts, and pull a list of donors needing to be thanked. Crimson also highlights metrics for the top 5 fundraisers, source codes, cities, counties, ZIP codes, and congressional districts. From the Fundraising Dashboard, it is also easy to access the most frequently used fundraising reports, including:

  • Deposit Summary by Program
  • Package Receipts by Date Report
  • Thank You Status Report
  • New Donors added by Month
  • Income by Program
  • Gifts & Pledges by Date

Crimson Events Dashboard |

Manage Events

Track and manage all the important fundraising control points for your events:

  • Set fundraising goals, track donations, pledges, and event costs
  • Integrate event data with Anedot, WinRed, Mail Chimp, and Constant Contact.
  • Identify donors who are in proximity to events
  • Monitor who is attending multi-function events and special requirements
  • Attach documents and emails to any attendee record with Crimson’s file cabinet function
  • Process donations

Integrate with Email Platforms

Crimson easily integrates with both MailChimp and Constant Contact through a few clicks of your mouse.

This integration authorizes Crimson to push a list of email subscribers to either Constant Contact or MailChimp using the robust People Search segmentation filters available.

Crimson Integrations |
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Integrate Online Donations

Connect Crimson with online donation data through an integration with Anedot and custom import tool for WinRed.