Track Every Fundraising Opportunity

With Crimson at the center of your fundraising efforts, you can easily stay on top of what your finance team is doing to power the campaign. Keep up with volunteer bundlers, joint fundraising committees, direct mail, email and online donations, events and PACs.

Bundler Management

Manage volunteer fundraising efforts from the Bundler dashboard in Crimson. Add new gifts and pledges, process donations, monitor total raised, track unmet goals, and use built-in reports specifically tailored for bundlers.


Track fundraising and distributions through the Conduit dashboard in Crimson. Quickly search for distributions or add new ones, see top fundraising campaigns, and run financial reports.

Joint Fundraising

Go to the Joint Fundraising Committee dashboard to administer distributions, expenditures and gifts of your JFC. Clickable graphs track totals awaiting distributions, top fundraisers, and help you run compliance reports.

Corporate PACs

From this dashboard, manage your overall budget, how much has been spent, track undesignated contributions, follow up with donations needing information, and add new payees or expenditures.

Manage Events

Track and manage all the important fundraising control points for your events:

  • Set fundraising goals, track donations, pledges, and event costs
  • Integrate event data with WidgetMakr and Eventbrite
  • Identify donors who are in close proximity to events
  • Monitor who is attending multi-function events and special requirements
  • Attach documents and emails to any attendee record with Crimson’s file cabinet function
  • Process donations
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Integrate Online Donations

Crimson is fully-integrated with WidgetMakr, which allows your campaign to create unlimited forms for donation processing or collecting information from your web site visitors. The best part is that all data collected from WidgetMakr forms is passed directly into Crimson.

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Process Event Donations

Mobile donations are easy when you use the CrimsonMobile card reader to swipe credit cards. Using a free app available in the Google Play store, you can process donations on-the-go through your Android device. Unlike other card-swiping devices, CrimsonMobile is automatically FEC-compliant and syncs with your Crimson account.

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Connect with CrimsonRPM to Manage Volunteer Fundraisers

Keeping track of volunteer fundraisers can be challenging. CrimsonRPM provides the answer through a web-based program that tracks bundlers’ activities, maintains prospect lists, processes pledges and credit card contributions and ensures that you credit everyone correctly.

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Real-time Data

See updates as they are made across the Crimson platform, including Crimson, CrimsonRPM, CrimsonFiler, CrimsonMobile, and WidgetMakr.

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