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Crimson Feature of the Month: Data Entry

Fresh new data entry functionality launched this week! Making data entry quick and easy for you is one of our primary goals. If it isn’t easy for you to get your data in and out of Crimson then we aren’t doing our jobs. Plus, if it is hard to get your data into Crimson, there […]


Politico By Byron Tau | 05/28/14 1:57 PM EDT Original post: GOP FUNDRAISING FIRM LAUNCHES NEW TOOL A leading GOP data management and fundraising firm, CMDI, has launched a new tool called “Spark” that can generate donation amounts for a donor based on past contributions. “With current online fundraising methods, campaigns are leaving money […]

Spark is the latest Republican secret fundraising weapon

Tysons Corner, VA, May 28, 2013 – CMDI has launched what could become one of the most important online fundraising tools of the 2014 election cycle, Spark™ Smart Donation Forms. Much like Amazon’s recommendation engine that suggests products that will most likely appeal to a shopper based on their past shopping behavior, Spark looks at […]

Washington Post: Federal Election Commission approves bitcoin donations to political committees

The Washington Post By MATEA GOLD | May 8 at 11:29 am Original post: The Federal Election Commission on Thursday gave a green light to donating bitcoins to political committees, one of the first rulings by a government agency on how to treat the virtual currency. In a 6-to-0 vote, the panel said that […]

Politico: FEC OKs bitcoin campaign donations

By Byron Tau | 5/8/14 11:50 AM Original post: The Federal Election Commission on Thursday unanimously said that political committees could legally accept small bitcoin donations — acknowledging for the first time that digital currencies are a form of “money or anything of value.” The commission also affirmed that political committees could buy and […]

InTheCapital: CMDI Releases Technology Software to Help GOP in 2014 and 2016

InTheCapital By: Ayobami Olugbemiga | April 15th 2014, 4:35pm Original post: CMDI Releases Crimson v.2: CMDI, the Republican Party’s leading technology provider, released a new version of their cloud-based campaign software Crimson. The new Crimson v.2, is “the first and only true cloud-based, integrated political enterprise software, making it the most significant technology platform […]


Politico By Byron Tau | 04/09/14 2:04 PM EDT Original post: CMDI UNVEILS CRIMSON VERSION 2 On Tuesday, Republican technology provider and compliance firm CMDI rolled out the latest version of their cloud-based campaign software Crimson. The new Crimson v.2 is the newest incarnation of their integrated political enterprise software platform, and it allows […]

CMDI unveils Crimson v2, the first major milestone in the Republican Victory in ‘16 Technology Roadmap

Crimson v2 brings RNC’s Growth & Opportunity Project technology plan to life.   Wednesday, April 9, 2014 Tysons Corner, VA– Just in time for the 2014 election cycle, CMDI, the leading Republican technology provider, is turning the vision of the Republican National Committee’s Growth & Opportunity Project into a reality with the release of Crimson […]

Crimson Feature of the Month: Caging

Maximize the Velocity of Your Fundraising Caging is one of the most important, yet least discussed steps in the political fundraising process.

CrimsonMobile is now FREE!

Leverage Crimson’s political fundraising software on your phone or tablet for free.   Heads up Crimson users and anyone interested in Republican fundraising. Today we are pleased to announce that CrimsonMobile is free for all Crimson clients. As of March 1, monthly or yearly subscription fees are a thing of the past. Any Crimson user […]

Crimson Feature of the Month: Event Management

Managing Events with Crimson Events are one of the most powerful tools for reaching your political fundraising goals. Crimson gives you ability to maximize the fundraising yield for each of your events by tracking your:

Top 10 things to look for in political database software

How do I select the right software for my political campaign?   One of the most valuable assets that a political campaign can build is a campaign database of contact records. A large, clean contact database has both huge financial value and huge political value. Look no further than the Obama for America database as […]

Friday Fun: Who are bigger drinkers, liberals or conservatives?

A couple weeks ago we learned that Republicans prefer brown liquor while Democrats prefer clear spirits. This week we’ve discovered that liberals are bigger drinkers.

Sentiment Results from the State of the Union Address

BUZZERandBELL has crunched the data from almost 100,000 buzzes and bells collected during Tuesday’s State of the Union address and here is what we get (click on the graph for the full-sized version):

Data Security Is an Art, Not Just a Science

LinkedIn Post, by Daniel Solove, Research Professor of Law at GW Law School and Founder of TeachPrivacy Far too often, the mandate for data security is simply to “secure it,” and people often think of data security as a set of clear choices. This is in contrast to privacy, which is understood as a set […]

Places with the Highest Rates of Political Giving

NerdWallet – There are more than nine months to go before the 2014 U.S. midterm elections take place, but campaign season has already begun—and is about to hit full swing. All 435 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives will be contested, along with 33 of the 100 seats in the Senate, 38 governorships and […]

Give Real-Time Feedback on Tonight’s State of the Union Address

Are you looking for a more dynamic way to engage your campaign’s supporters? See BUZZERandBELL in action tonight during the State of the Union address. BUZZERandBELL lets you turn any video into a 2-way communication tool. Tonight is your opportunity to “buzz” or “bell” President Obama during tonight’s State of the Union speech. Click here […]

Science says that Bill Clinton was right

“Getting Democrats organized is like herding cats” – Bill Clinton   Science supports our ideological stereotypes.According to a new psychology study published yesterday in Psychological Science titled “The Liberal Illusion of Uniqueness“, we now have evidence that Bill Clinton was right when he said that getting Democrats to agree was like herding cats.

Will your next political donation be processed by Apple?

All indicators are pointing towards Apple going live with a mobile payment solution, possibly even be before the end of this year. A recent patent filing by Apple describes a backend payment processing system to support mobile wallet technology using iBeacon and its Bluetooth connectivity. I could easily see future political campaigns facilitating onsite mobile […]

Utah Senator Calling For Campaign Finance Reform – Sen. Jim Dabakis (D-Salt Lake City) wants Utah to join the majority of states across the country that have limitations on campaign contributions. “This unlimited amount of money pouring into political campaigns does the system grave, grave damage,” Dabakis said. “If you look at all the problems with the attorney general’s office, the […]