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Crimson Webinars in November

Need help with Crimson? Join the Crimson Support Team on November 15 for the next webinars. RSVP for the two webinars offered at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. EST. The first session at 11 a.m. EST will provide an overview of Crimson.  This is perfect for new staff, or anyone who needs a refresher on […]

What does that mean? A Glossary of Political Jargon

Does it seem like the world of politics has its own language? Have you ever read a newspaper editorial or listened to the news and heard an expression that you didn’t understand? Have you ever wondered how the colorful words used in political commentary were coined? Modern political jargon is an odd mixture of historical […]

Feature of the Month: How to Use Map It

With the new Map It features in Crimson, you can quickly visualize data to see the locations of your donors, prospects, or events. Using these two different features, one for Events and one for People Search, is a fast way to see a distribution of the locations of your data. How to Use Events Map […]

How Conservatives Donate to Nonprofits

How do nonprofit donors around the world stack up? The 2017 Global Trends in Giving Report, a new report on donors around the world, has the numbers and findings on the habits of donors and what they want from nonprofits. The survey split participants into liberal, moderate and conservative segments with 12.5% identifying as conservative. […]

Join the Next Crimson Webinar to Prepare for Your FEC Reports

The third quarter ended on September 30, which means that many political organizations will need to file a FEC report by Sunday, October 15. If you need help with Crimson Treasury features or a refresher on CrimsonFiler, please join us for the next webinar on Tuesday, October 10 at 2 p.m. This webinar will cover […]

New Help Portal Launched at FEC

The FEC recently launched a new way to access help from the Reports Analysis Division. Through a new portal, committees can find the contact information for their assigned Campaign Finance Analyst and directly email questions to that person. According to the FEC, answers can be expected between one to three days. The FEC also released […]

FEC Issues Guidance on Using Twitter in Disclaimers

Last week, the Federal Elections Commission issued an Advisory Opinion on how PACs can use Twitter handles in disclaimer language. Historically, this has been a vague issue with social media falling under the same category as bumper stickers and skywriting. However, the revelations that a Kremlin-linked company purchased more than $100,000 in ads on Facebook during the […]

Feature of the Month: How to Add Gift Attachments

  Did you read about the new Gift Attachment feature? You can now attach images and files to either individual gifts or batches in Crimson. This is helpful when you need to review gift details for an individual gift, see the direct mail letter that prompted a donation, or verify event details on an invitation. […]

New Features Webinar on Sept. 20

Clear your calendar for next Wednesday. The Crimson Support Team will host a webinar covering the new Crimson features we announced this week. RSVP for the Crimson New Features webinar on September 20. Two sessions will be offered at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. EDT. During both sessions, the Crimson Support Team will explain: Gift […]

Try These New Crimson Features

  In anticipation of the 2018 election, Crimson will release new features and enhancements over the next few months. Today, we are excited to share news about four new features you can immediately use: Gift Attachments – Upload and attach check images, donation forms, and other related documents to individual gifts or batches. Data Entry […]

Infographic: The Final Numbers for the GA-6 Special Election

Immediately following the results of the special election in Georgia, we knew two things: Karen Handel won, and it was the most expensive House race in history. However, we didn’t know the exact totals because final FEC reports weren’t due until the end of July. At the time of the election, the New York Times […]

Feature of the Month: How to Create Top Flags

  Flags are excellent ways to organize your data in Crimson. You can mark a person as “do not mail,” “volunteer,” or with some other important word or phrase to highlight the data. The more you flag and mark your data, the more you can target it for fundraising, volunteering, or get out the vote […]

More Americans Making Political Donations

Good news for political fundraisers! According to data from the American National Election Studies and Pew Research, more Americans made donations to political candidates and parties in 2016 than previous years. Since 1992, the percentage of Americans donating to at least one political candidate, party, or PAC increased from 11% to 15% in 2016. • Donations […]

Need Help with Crimson?

The middle of the summer is a slow period for many political campaigns and organizations. If you have any questions or need a refresher on Crimson, use this time for additional training. Join us next Wednesday, July 26, for an opportunity to learn about Crimson during our monthly webinar. At 2 p.m., the Crimson Support Team will […]

Feature of the Month: How to Use New Events Tools

In May, we released new features under the Events section of Crimson. These new features expanded the information displayed on the Events home page, created an Events Search, and increased export functions. Read below for directions on how to use these new, expanded features. For even more ways to use the Events section of Crimson, […]

Crimson Training Opportunities in June

Do you have new staff or interns who need to be trained on Crimson? Have you learned about the new features Crimson rolled out last month? Join us next Wednesday for two webinar opportunities to learn about Crimson. The Crimson Support Team will lead an 11 a.m. session on an overview of Crimson. Later that […]

Preparing for Media Questions on Campaign Fundraising & FEC Reports

  In the uncertain world of political campaigns, you can always count on getting questions from the press about fundraising and FEC reports. How do you prepare your staff to answer these questions? Recently, the National Press Club Foundation hosted a panel discussion on how to document campaign cash featuring reporters from national media outlets […]

Feature of the Month: Deduping Tool

Earlier this month, we rolled out a new deduping tool that identifies possible duplicates for you to review. Found on the Compliance dashboard, the deduping tool highlights the potential records in groups of twenty and highlights the reason why they are a possible duplicate. Using this new tool is the fastest way to clean up […]

Learn about Crimson’s New Features on May 24

Did you see the email last week about Crimson’s new features? We’ve rolled out a number of new features and enhancements including a new deduping tool and changes to People Profiles, Events, Money Search, and Treasury sections. Join the Crimson Support Staff on Wednesday, May 24 for the next Crimson webinars exploring these new features. […]

5 Million Data Records Added to the CrimsonMarket

New donors are the lifeblood for any organization engaged in politics. That’s why we just added six new data partners that offer access to more than five million donor records through the CrimsonMarket. These five million records consist of donors from around the country with a history of giving to Republican, conservative, and libertarian candidates and […]