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"We’ve taken the systems and the practices we’ve developed while working with 13 presidential campaign committees, including every GOP presidential nominee since Bob Dole, and put them in the hands of local and state level candidates."

-John Simms, President & Founder

Cutting-edge Solutions Since 1981

Cutting-edge Solutions Since 1981

Since 1981, CMDI has provided innovative fundraising and compliance solutions for political organizations, non-profits, and corporations. Our software and services are used for:

  • Donor relationship management
  • Online and offline donation processing
  • Federal & state campaign compliance

Accessible real-time data allows our clients to maximize their fundraising effectiveness and generate increased revenue while lowering overall fundraising costs.

A Trusted Republican Partner

CMDI is a trusted partner to Republicans, and we only work with Republican and right-of-center organizations.

As CMDI continues to release fundraising and compliance solutions, we believe this distinction is also important to Congressional and Senatorial campaigns, state parties and conservative PACs. Learn more about the difference between partisan and bi-partisan vendors.

Generating Billions in Donations

Generating Billions in Donations

During the 2012 political cycle, CMDI’s products and services were critical in raising and managing $2 out of every $3 of all Republican federal campaign donations.

In recent years, CMDI’s forward-thinking approach has led to major donor fundraising enhancements including club program support, pledge systems, event tracking and fundraising call management that have boosted fundraising efforts at the RNC, NRSC, NRCC and multiple presidential campaigns.

Security & Reliability at CMDI

Confidentiality, security and reliability are essential to running a successful fundraising effort. We understand that having a server down, even for a few minutes during a big fundraising day can cost a campaign thousands of dollars.

As a result, we placed our Crimson databases live on database servers and Storage Area Networks (SAN) hosted in a SSAE 16 Type 2 compliant data center.

  • Every 20 minutes these databases are snapshotted, replicated, and synchronized with mirror databases that live in an onsite data center.
  • Every night the SAN data volumes are cloned and mounted to backup servers onsite. High density differential backups to tape are also performed nightly.
  • Every week differential backups and full backups are saved to SDLT tapes and stored in a locked fire safe. The previous week’s backups are then transferred to an off-site data storage facility.
  • Every other week back up data is physically moved to an off-site data storage facility.

In the event of a catastrophic incident or zombie apocalypse at one of our two geographically separate data centers, service can be quickly restored. We maintain Active Directory Servers, Web Servers and Database Servers in both data centers that mirror each other in terms of functionality and data storage.  A point-to-point fiber-optic link connects the data centers so either one of them could be used as a primary production server or as a backup of the other.
Learn more about CMDI’s data security, reliability and confidentiality procedures.