Feature of the Month: Possible Duplicates

Crimson Feature of the Month: Possible Duplicates

Recently, Crimson rolled out a new enhancement to the Possible Duplicates tool under the Compliance menu. You can now search for Organization duplicates with the tool in addition to Individual dupes. You can also prioritize which dupes are reviewed and processed first by filtering by Match Type or selecting that only Donor records to be displayed.

How to use these new features of the Possible Duplicates tool:

1. Click the number of Possible Duplicates link on the Compliance dashboard.

Possible Duplicates | CMDI.com


2. The default view will show you results for possible Individual dupes.

Possible Duplicates | CMDI.com


3. Choose the type of records you want to search: Individual, Donor, or Organization.

Possible Duplicates | CMDI.com


4. Select Match Type. This filter allows you to choose which fields to use to determine duplicates, but the default under ALL shows any duplicates found.


5. Then click the blue   button.



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