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Feature of the Month: How to Create Top Flags

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Feature of the Month: How to Use Top Flags | CMDI.com


Top Flags | CMDI.comFlags are excellent ways to organize your data in Crimson. You can mark a person as “do not mail,” “volunteer,” or with some other important word or phrase to highlight the data. The more you flag and mark your data, the more you can target it for fundraising, volunteering, or get out the vote efforts.

However, flags and keywords can quickly add up, especially if you have multiple departments, such as fundraising and field, using them.

A new feature from Crimson allows you to set top flags so that they will appear first in a Crimson people profile. This is an organization-wide setting that allows you to prioritize what information is displayed in the Flags section of every People Record.  Even if you do not indicate a flag as a Top Flag, all flags will remain organized and display in alphabetical order under the Top Flags listed.

How do you set up Top Flags?

Below are directions on how to add this designation to an existing flag. If you need help creating a new flag, please see the guide on Crimson Flags.

1. From your Crimson dashboard, go to the People menu on the left-hand side.
2. Click on Settings.
3. Click on the Flag tab or enter the word into the blue search bar.

Top Flags | CMDI.com
4. Find the flag you wish to edit and click on the green  button.

Top Flags | CMDI.com

5. A new window will appear under Flag – Edit with the information about the flag. Check the box next to Top Flag and select the blue Top Flags | CMDI.com  button.

Top Flags | CMDI.com

How to Apply a Top Flag to a People Record

Next, you need to add the prioritized flag to the People Record.

1. Open a People Record.
2. Click on the Top Flag icon.

Top Flags | CMDI.com
3. To add a new flag, click on the white space after the last displayed flag. A scroll down menu of existing flags will appear. The Top Flags will be written in a black typeface.

Top Flags | CMDI.com
4. Click on the  button to view a full list of available flags. The Top Flags designation will be marked with YES under the TOPFLAG column.

5. Select the flag you wish to add. When it is highlighted in blue, click on the  button to move it from the All Existing Flags box to the Record’s Current Flags. This will add the Top Flag to the profile and save it.

For additional information, see the Crimson FAQ on Top Flags in the Helpdesk.