5 Million Data Records Added to the CrimsonMarket

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5 Million Data Records Added to the CrimsonMarket

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New Data Partners in CrimsonMarket | CMDI.com

New donors are the lifeblood for any organization engaged in politics.

That’s why we just added six new data partners that offer access to more than five million donor records through the CrimsonMarket. These five million records consist of donors from around the country with a history of giving to Republican, conservative, and libertarian candidates and causes.

Click here to see the new data offerings that are available in the CrimsonMarket.

Now, you can take advantage of these 5 million data records while saving money. Through August 31, 2017, take 10% off your first data purchase in the CrimsonMarket!

Please reach out to our partners and ask them how they could help your campaign. Our partners are not just in the business of renting data but also providing results with a positive ROI for your campaign.

Take a minute to review the offerings, contact our partners, test a list, get more donors…and all at a better price.

It is just 3 easy steps:

  1. Go to CrimsonMarket.
  2. Search for “Fundraising Data” or click here.
  3. Fill out a Request For Information from one of our partners.

The CrimsonMarket partner will reach out to you in a day or two after getting your request.

Start today and see how CrimsonMarket can help grow your housefile!