Will GOP Nominee Be Decided By March 2016?

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Will GOP Nominee Be Decided By March 2016?

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Note: This post is an update of the 2016 Primary Map published on August 13. It is based on a revised list of 2016 Presidential Primary Dates released by the FEC. 

With 32 states and five territories holding primaries or caucuses before March 22, there is a strong possibility that we could have a Republican nominee determined before April. The map below displays when the primary or caucus will be held in each state. You can hover over each state for more information.


In addition to the four early states allowed to go in February, 14 states have opted to hold their primary or caucus on March 1, which are shown in the map below. According to the 2016 rules from the Republican National Committee, these states must award delegates proportionally to how the candidates perform in each state.

Primaries on March 1, 2016 | CMDI.com

Month-by-month schedule of primaries in 2016.

Primaries/Caucuses held in February: 

  • Tuesday, February 2: Iowa Caucuses
  • Tuesday, February 9: New Hampshire Primary*
  • Saturday, February 20: South Carolina Primary
  • Tuesday, February 23: Nevada Caucuses*

March Primaries/Caucuses with delegates awarded proportionally: 

  • Tuesday, March 1: Alabama, Alaska,† Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Dakota,† Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, and Wyoming
  • Saturday, March 5: Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine,† and Washington†
  • Tuesday, March 8: Hawaii, Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, and American Samoa†
  • Saturday, March 12: Guam† and U.S. Virgin Islands†
  • Sunday, March 13: Puerto Rico

March Primaries/Caucuses with delegates awarded winner-takes-all:

  • Tuesday, March 15: Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina,† Ohio and Northern Marianas Islands†
  • Tuesday, March 22: Arizona and Utah

April Primaries/Caucus:

  • Tuesday, April 5: Wisconsin
  • Tuesday, April 19: New York
  • Tuesday, April 26: Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island

May Primaries: 

  • Tuesday, May 3: Indiana
  • Tuesday, May 10: Nebraska and West Virginia
  • Tuesday, May 17: Oregon

June Primaries: 

  • Tuesday, June 7: California, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, and South Dakota
  • Tuesday, June 14: District of Columbia

*Tentative dates according to Frontloading HQ

†Tentative dates according to Ballotpedia