2016 Republican Primary Dates

This week, the Federal Elections Commission, released their preliminary list of 2016 presidential primary dates, which we used to create the map below. Hover over a state to see the date of the primary or caucus for when you will head to the polls next year.

What are the 2016 Primary Rules?
In January of this year, the Republican National Committee voted that only Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina could hold their primary or caucus in February 2016. To encourage states to delay their primaries, the RNC also voted that states holding primaries between March 1-14 will be required to designate delegates proportionally. Only after March 15 can states award all delegates to the winner.


Still waiting on a few states
Several states have not yet announced an official primary date including New York, North Dakota, Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Washington, and Wyoming. New Hampshire and South Carolina, two of the states allowed to go in February, still only have tentative dates with New Hampshire expected to hold its primary on February 9 and South Carolina on February 20.

*Unofficial dates

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