Crimson + Eventbrite Makes Managing Political Events Easier

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Crimson + Eventbrite Makes Managing Political Events Easier

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Managing events on the campaign trail just got easier!

CMDI has teamed up with Eventbrite, the popular online ticket service, to provide a new third-party app available at the CrimsonMarket.

This collaboration combines the flexibility of Eventbrite’s event management system with the power of the Crimson platform. Through the new Eventbrite app, Crimson users can seamlessly import the event information you want to track, such as RSVPs, attendee lists, and ticket sales.

Crimson + Eventbrite

The Eventbrite + Crimson collaboration includes:

• Integrate Eventbrite with your Crimson platform
The new Eventbrite integration allows for easy import of event information you want to keep track of in Crimson. Once Eventbrite is linked to the platform, data from your events will automatically transfer back into your account through Crimson Source Codes.

• Export offline check contributions from Crimson to Eventbrite
Do many of your event attendees prefer to pay for tickets or write donations by check? You can now share that information between Crimson and Eventbrite through a customized API created through this collaboration.

This feature allows Crimson users to enter the check information into the platform with a source code that corresponds to the event. Eventbrite will then pull in that information and update RSVP lists and other data that event organizers can access through their Eventbrite account.

• Simplify compliance reporting
When Eventbrite is integrated into your Crimson platform, all of your data is kept up-to-date and ready for legal and FEC compliance filings. Through Eventbrite’s custom questions feature, you can collect the information you need for complete compliance reports such as employer, occupation, and mailing address.

• Use Eventbrite’s customizable online event pages
Take advantage of Eventbrite’s easy-to-use website to build pages about each of your events. Want to keep the event private? Use Eventbrite’s password setting so that only invited guests can register.

• Share your event on social media
Raise awareness about your event by turning on the social sharing tools on your Eventbrite page. Guests will be able to see if any of their friends are also attending or share the event on their own networks.

• Manage your event with Eventbrite mobile apps
Empower your volunteers, supporters and staff to manage events through Eventbrite’s mobile apps that are available in the iTunes & Google Play stores. Eventbrite’s Entry Manager and At The Door apps allow you to track who came to your campaign events and fundraisers. They also help facilitate on-site ticket sales.

Visit the CrimsonMarket today and check out the new app. Existing Crimson users can add the Eventbrite app to their account through the CrimsonMarket or by contacting us at