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Webinar: Maximize Voter Data for Your Campaign

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Does your campaign need voter records?

Does your campaign have an easy way to make walk lists?

Does your campaign have a way to easily target the under-performing precincts from previous cycles?

You do now.

Through a partnership with L2 VoterMapping, you can purchase trusted voter data via the CrimsonMarket and import it directly into your Crimson account!

Next week, L2 VoterMapping will hold a FREE webinar* on Wednesday, February 25 at 1 p.m. EST to introduce you to the features and options available in this third-party app.




This L2 VoterMapping basic training will cover:

1. What data is available inside L2 VoterMapping
2. How to select the data you need to make decisions
3. How boundary lines on the map can help analyze your data
4. How to create a universe and purchase data
5. What the basic map and side panel controls can do

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the L2 VoterMapping premium app that is available in the CrimsonMarket.

RSVP for the webinar today.

About L2 VoterMapping
L2 VoterMapping is one of the premium third-party apps that can be integrated to your Crimson platform through the CrimsonMarket. VoterMapping instantly searches and analyzes millions of voter records while displaying the information in real time Bing Maps™ that can zoom in and out of a range of 100 to 500,000 feet. It combines the latest U.S. Census information with registered voter data that allows campaigns to select geographic and demographic information to create universes that can be saved, edited, or broken down by more than 100 demographic variables.

*The webinar will be hosted and conducted by L2 VoterMapping. If you have any questions, please contact them here.