Crimson Feature of the Month: Creating Amendments in CrimsonFiler

Crimson Feature of the Month

Creating amended reports can be a real hassle for compliance professionals. When you are using a live data set to create FEC reports filing amendments can prove difficult since any given report is a snapshot in time. With an active live data set you can never recreate that snapshot since data is constantly changing; potentially creating more problems than solving when amending a report.

CrimsonFiler by CMDICrimsonFiler solves this! Since FEC data is housed in a completely separate database it is not capable of being corrupted by changes made in the active dataset – giving you a true snapshot in time. You simply correct what needs to be corrected in the amendment, ensure those corrections are made in Crimson as well, and file.

Creating an amendment is simple.

1) In CrimsonFiler click the Add an amendment | CrimsonFiler button next to the report you want to amend. The software will automatically mark the report as an amendment and insert the original FEC ID.

2015-01-29 14.00.31

2) Make your correction(s) and mirror those correction(s) in Crimson.

3) Set your filing date and file.

Creating an amended report has never been easier and you are ensuring that you aren’t inadvertently creating more issues.

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