There Are Elections in 2015

While most election coverage is focused on speculation for the 2016 presidential race, voters in five states – Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, and Virginia – will go to the polls for a gubernatorial or state legislature race in 2015.

2015 U.S. Elections |
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State Type Primary Date
Kentucky Gubernatorial 5/15/2015
Louisiana Gubernatorial + State Legislature Primary: 10/24/2015
Election: 11/17/2015
Mississippi Gubernatorial + State Legislature 8/4/2015
New Jersey State Legislature  TBA
Virginia State Legislature 6/9/2015


To date, at least five states have announced special elections for state-level races:

State Office District Date
AR State Senate District 16 4/14/2015
FL State Representative District 13 2/17/2015
FL State Senate District 6 4/7/2015
FL State Representative District 17 4/7/2015
FL State Representative District 24 4/7/2015
FL State Representative District 64 4/21/2015
GA State Representative District 120 1/6/2015
SC State Representative District 63 4/14/2015
VA House Delegate District 34 1/6/2015
VA House Delegate District 63 1/6/2015
VA House Delegate District 74 1/13/2015


2015 will also be a busy year for municipal elections. At least 38 of America’s most populated cities will vote on mayoral or city council races between now and November. Click on the markers in the map below for information about each election.

Need more information on 2015 elections? You can follow Ballotpedia’s Events and Elections Google Calendar.

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