CMDI unveils Crimson v2, the first major milestone in the Republican Victory in ‘16 Technology Roadmap

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CMDI unveils Crimson v2, the first major milestone in the Republican Victory in ‘16 Technology Roadmap

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Crimson v2 brings RNC’s Growth & Opportunity Project technology plan to life.


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

New-Crimson-Logo(Block)Tysons Corner, VA– Just in time for the 2014 election cycle, CMDI, the leading Republican technology provider, is turning the vision of the Republican National Committee’s Growth & Opportunity Project into a reality with the release of Crimson v.2.

Crimson v.2, released today, is the first and only true cloud-based, integrated political enterprise software, making it the most significant technology platform in the partisan software arms race. Even more importantly, Crimson v.2 is an integral vehicle in implementing the RNC’s Growth & Opportunity Project for Republican success in 2014 and 2016 and was funded entirely by CMDI without taxing Republican donor resources.

growth_oppThe Growth & Opportunity Project, released by Chairman Reince Priebus last year, outlines the RNC’s plan for party messaging, operations and technology for the 2014 and 2016 election cycles. CMDI founder and president, John Simms, participated in creating the RNC plan. He is now executing the plan’s recommendations through CMDI’s Victory in ’16 Technology Roadmap.

“I can’t tell you how excited I am to see the RNC’s Growth & Opportunity Project become a reality. I was honored to have been included in the process of creating the plan, and I am thrilled by the way the pieces of the technology puzzle are falling into place.”

– John Simms, CMDI Founder


Milestone #1: The Crimson Platform

Crimson v.2 is CMDI’s first release of its Victory in ‘16 initiative. Since Crimson’s initial launch in 2007, it is the largest Republican technology platform, managing $2 of every $3 given to Republican federal committees, adding up to over $5 billion in transactions, and tracking over 1.29 billion data points.

“An intelligent campaign technology platform accessing all data and serving up insights is the critical element of today’s winning campaign. We’re only beginning to see what campaigns can do with this technology.”

– John Simms

Crimson v.2 is a strategy much more than a technology. It brings commercial ERP (enterprise resource planning) software to politics. All campaign data and voter touch points can be shared across every department and among all staff. ERPs eliminate information silos and create information feedback loops which greatly improve a campaign’s ability to make analytic insights into their performance metrics.

Crimson v.2 provides:

  • Immediate Access: Supporter data can be accessed from any smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop through responsive HTML5 interfaces.
  • Base to build upon: Open platform access through secure APIs allow approved vendors & researchers to:
    • build applications upon the Crimson platform
    • create, collect and enhance voter and supporter data assets
    • conduct data mining, business intelligence (BI), and analytics upon the compiled data assets
  • Employ data in all decision-making: Native segmentation, mapping, and analytics dashboards allow campaigns to predict and act on political trends rather than respond after the fact.
  • Marketplace: Find, evaluate and install approved third party applications and purchase prospective donor records and voter files.
  • Process automation: Workflow automation increases campaigns operational effectiveness for messaging, data management, marketing, fundraising, compliance, and accounting.
  • Integrated data: Sophisticated data matching and hygiene processes allow new data to be seamlessly matched and appended to current data.
    Crimson v.2 is available to all Crimson users starting today. Learn more at

“Like so many other trends in technology, the move to a fully integrated platform is all about better intelligence. Crimson gives our Republican campaigns endless possibilities to collect and act on information in real time, from understanding voting trends to tracking donor behaviors, both online and offline. ”

– John Simms


About the Victory in ‘16 Technology Roadmap

The Victory in ‘16 Technology Roadmap is CMDI’s execution plan based on the requirements generated from the RNC’s Growth & Opportunity Project. It gives Republican campaigns a competitive advantage over their Democratic competitors by providing a plan for fully integrated enterprise technology.
Further major milestone releases will be announced within weeks.


About CMDI –

CMDI is America’s largest Republican campaign finance services platform, providing software and FEC compliance services that have managed over $8.5 billion for federal campaigns and committees. As a close partner with the Republican Party, CMDI has consistently provided innovative solutions throughout the company’s 33-year history.


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