CMDI unveils Crimson v.2

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CMDI unveils Crimson v.2

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Crimson v.2 brings RNC’s Growth & Opportunity Project technology plan to life.


growth_oppToday CMDI releases Crimson v2 — taking campaign technology to a new level. Bringing the RNC’s Growth & Opportunity Project to life, Crimson v2 provides a new, improved platform for campaigns’ messaging, operations, and technology. Exciting new features give you the tools for victory in 2014 and 2016.



Fresh Design

crimson_v2-homepageCrimson v2 has a new look. We’ve updated every corner to reduce clutter and streamline work-flows. Now it is easier to focus on your work and get the results you need for victory.

But, there is a lot more than just a pretty new face. Crimson v2 is full of new tools and features.



Optimized for Tablets and Phones

CrimsonFiler works on all you devicesCampaigns are constantly on the go and now you can take Crimson v2 and your data with you. Using HTML5, Crimson v2 incorporates responsive design allowing you to do your work using whichever device you have at hand — your tablet, phone, or even that old-fashioned desktop of yours.




We’ve made Crimson snappier and more responsive. The election countdown clock waits for no one. Crimson v2 has been optimized to move your data as fast as possible. No delays, in or out.



Cooperative Data

data-silosCrimson v2 brings commercial ERP (enterprise resource planning) software platform to politics. Now all campaign data and voter touch-points can be shared across every department and among all staff. ERPs eliminate information silos and create information feedback loops to improve a campaign’s ability to make analytic insights into their performance metrics.



Expandable Platform

campaign-databaseBuild on the new Crimson v2 platform with apps and new data sources to expand your flexibility and options.

  1. Use APIs to quickly link approved third party applications to your Crimson platform – OR –assemble your own applications built on top of Crimson with minimal resources.
  2. Enhance your data or add new data from any number of sources. Linking Crimson v2 to data sources is a snap.
  3. See patterns and trends through your data. Crimson v2 allows you to conduct data mining, business intelligence (BI), and analytics upon your compiled data assets.




crimson_v2-gifts-channel-chartGood data drives decisions and action. Use Crimson v2 dashboards to predict and act on political trends. Make smart decisions using Crimson’s new segmentation, mapping, and analytics dashboards.




Crimson MarketExtend the your Crimson functionality with the Crimson Marketplace, the only trusted Republican app store. Find, evaluate and install approved third-party applications and services.



And More…

Crimson v2 is part of CMDI’s ongoing effort to give Republican campaigns a competitive advantage over Democratic competitors by providing fully integrated enterprise technology.

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