By Helping Republicans Increase Fundraising by $1 Billion, CMDI Joins the Inc. 5000 List

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By Helping Republicans Increase Fundraising by $1 Billion, CMDI Joins the Inc. 5000 List

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Tysons Corner, VA, August 20, 2013 – Today CMDI has been named as the only Republican political software firm to be listed on the annual Inc. 5000 ranking of America’s fastest growing private companies.

Our success is really a reflection of our enabling Republican campaigns, committees & PACs to maximize their fundraising effectiveness,”

said John Simms, CMDI’s founder and CEO.

CMDI’s 160% sales growth places CMDI as number 2,288 on the 2013 Inc. 5000 list. The complete list can be viewed at

CMDI’s flagship product, Crimson, has changed the way modern Republican organizations manage their relationships with supporters. The result is that Crimson clients raised $2.02 billion in 2012. That is $2 out of every $3 raised for Republican federal organizations helping Republicans out raise Democrats by $459 million. The leading six Republican presidential candidates, including Mitt Romney for President, were all Crimson users.

We’ve been able to take the systems and the practices we’ve developed while working with every presidential nominee since Ronald Reagan and put them in the hands of local and state level candidates,”

said Mr. Simms.

Earning a spot on the Inc. 5000 list is a also a result of our growth in the ‘down ticket’ political market which has been historically under served by technology.”

Crimson, which has only recently been offered to congressional candidates, allowed them to raise more than twice as much on average than candidates who didn’t use Crimson.

Applying Crimson’s enterprise technology to my campaigns allowed us to automate many of the fundraising processes so we could focus our efforts on getting our candidate’s message out. Even with fewer staffers than previous cycles, our campaigns raised far more in 2012,”

said Chris Marston, treasurer for six senatorial and congressional campaigns.


About CMDI –

CMDI is America’s largest Republican campaign finance services platform, providing software and FEC compliance services that have managed over $8.5 billion for federal campaigns and committees. As a close partner with the Republican Party, CMDI has consistently provided innovative solutions throughout the company’s 30 year history.

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