Filing an FEC Report Will Never be the Same


Tysons Corner, VA, July 17, 2013 – Today CMDI has made the most significant change to how Republican committees file Federal Election Committee (FEC) reports since 1996 when we first invented electronic FEC filing. With the release of CrimsonFiler, preparing and filing an FEC report is now an elegant and easy process.

Campaigns are most successful when they are focused on getting their candidate’s message out to voters, not spending resources on back office activities. CrimsonFiler provides Republicans a competitive advantage by automating the FEC report filing process thus allowing campaign staff to concentrate on winning their elections.

For most campaigns, filing FEC reports is a very intimidating process. Federal Election Commission rules and regulations are not like traditional accounting practices. CrimsonFiler simplifies every step and gives our Republican committees the confidence that they are crossing all the right T’s and dotting all their I’s,”

said John Simms, CMDI’s Founder.

CrimsonFiler’s innovation is the way it reduces complicated FEC filing to three simple steps:

  1. Answer plain-English questions. CrimsonFiler creates and formats the correct report for your filing period.
  2. One-click import of your committee’s receipts and expenditures.
  3. CrimsonFiler generates and files your report with the FEC.


With CrimsonFiler, we brought together all our experiences helping clients file over 8,500 FEC reports to create an entirely new way to bring order to the complex filing process,”

said Ginny Badanes, CMDI’s Director of Political Division.

Even though CrimsonFiler is a completely new way to file, the interface will be immediately intuitive to our Republican campaigns.”

The most significant new features of CrimsonFiler include:

Clutter-free responsive interface gives CrimsonFiler a speedy and completely responsive design, allowing you to use CrimsonFiler on any of your screens. Work from your tablet, your Mac, your PC, or even your smartphone.

Filing data snapshots gives you total control of your audited financials. CrimsonFiler allows you to take snapshots of your filing period. Balance, review and update your transaction records without the fear of others making changes to your data and disrupting the quality of your filings. Once you are finished preparing your filing you can write your updates and edits back to your Crimson database of record with the click of a button. Synchronizing compliance changes has never been easier.

CrimsonFiler automatically checks and validates your entries to identify errors before it’s too late.

Additional CrimsonFiler features include:

  • One-click imports of Receipt & Expenditures (Schedules A&B);
  • Custom itemization controls;
  • Real-time auto-recalculation of reports during editing process;
  • Custom cycle dates;
  • Multi-tasking between unfiled reports;
  • One-click synchronization between CrimsonFiler and Crimson of receipts, expenditures, donor data, vendor data, and much more.

CrimsonFiler is available to all Crimson users starting July 22.


About CMDI –

CMDI is America’s largest Republican campaign finance services platform, providing software and FEC compliance services that have managed over $8.5 billion for federal campaigns and committees. During the 2013 cycle, CMDI’s flagship software, Crimson, was used to manage $2 out of every $3 raised for Republican federal committees.

As a close partner with the Republican Party, CMDI has consistently provided innovative solutions throughout the company’s 30 year history:

2012 – Republican National Committee, Romney for President and 6 other Republican presidential campaigns: CrimsonRPM, the only political multi-level, volunteer fundraising platform available for campaigns from Presidential to Congressional, was launched for the 2012 cycle. Using CrimsonRPM, Republican candidates and the Republican party raised more than $100 million by providing their volunteer fundraising (“bundling”) networks with the tools they needed to interact directly with the finance committees.

2011 – NRCC, NRSC, AmericanCrossroads and many individual campaigns: CMDI released WidgetMakr to fulfill the special compliance and cash management needs of political organizations that wasn’t being met by non-profit online fundraisng tools. WidgetMakr quickly became a Republican industry standard for Republican campaign committees.

2008 – McCain, Romney, Giuliani, and Thompson for President: Crimson, the first and only web based enterprise campaign sofware was launched to manage all aspects of the campaign donor relationship, from donation to FEC filing. Since 2008, Crimson has been leveraged by hundreds of campaigns and thousands of campaign workers.

2004 – Bush for President: DexTeam, the first automated donor downline tracking software built to power the Bush Pioneer and Ranger fundraising programs.

1996 – Dole for President: DexFile, the first electronic FEC filing system for Presidential matching funds.

1993 – Republican National Committee: Released Dexter, the first SaaS (software-as-a-service) political fundraising and compliance data system.

1987 – George H. W. Bush for President: Developed a PC based Iowa caucus tracking system.

1984 – Republican National Committee: CMDI integrated an online automated list order fulfillment system with national voter database.

1980 – Reagan for President: Built voter databases in key states overlaid with demographic characteristics and targeted voter clusters with personalized messages utilizing new xerographic technology.


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