TechPresident: CMDI Launches Mobile Fundraising Tool

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TechPresident: CMDI Launches Mobile Fundraising Tool

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TechPresident covers launch of CrimsonMobile

BY SARAH LAI STIRLAND | Thursday, June 14 2012

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CMDI, the company that makes the most widely used campaign finance management and reporting tool for Republicans, launched a mobile version of its product Thursday.

Called CrimsonMobile, the product enables its users to tap into CMDI’s database of around 20 million donors as well as import and export a candidates’ own roster of donors. Unlike other generic mobile payment solutions like Square, it automates the compliance process of reporting donations in formats acceptable to the Federal Election Commission.

The new mobile version is a mobile app that plugs into CMDI’s existing infrastructure. But it aims to provide the end-user with all the functionality of a desktop. It enables users to track their fundraising activities by day, month, quarter and by the year via a dashboard. It also incorporates donor call sheets that campaigns can import so that they have all their latest notes about those donors at their fingertips.

The new service costs $25 a month per user, and users must subscribe to CMDI’s flagship product Crimson for the desktop.