Romney Fundraising Powered by Volunteers

This is a follow-on post to last weeks “Volunteer Fundraising Explodes in 2012.”

Volunteer fundraiser or bundler networkLast week, the Washington Post picked up on the explosive growth in political volunteer fundraising and published  an interesting article (at least to this political fundraiser) titled, Romney’s bundlers are key to his presidential campaign. The article states,

Romney has built a web of campaign bundlers and other top fundraisers that stands to rival Obama’s, with more than 500 supporters who have raisedat least $10,000 for the campaign, according to a review of fundraising invitations, state finance committee lists and other reports.”

Volunteer fundraisers, aka bundlers, are the main reason that Romney has been more successful than Obama in finding individuals willing to commit more than $2,000 to his campaign… which is very interesting considering Obama is the sitting president.

It is good fun trying to track and project who is going to win the money race and how will it affect the final vote count.

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