How is CMDI different than Fundly?

Erik Nilsson, VP, CMDI, the source for online political fundraising softwareAs founder of Fundly and now the new kid at CMDI, I keep getting asked “how is CMDI different than what you built at Fundly?”

To the non-political person, this is a very reasonable question.

At Fundly’s core, it is a “social fundraising platform” which is perfect for organizations or groups that want to really leverage social media to collect donations. We proved that friends asking friends via social media can raise significant amounts for their cause.

CMDI is also a fundraising platform, but CMDI specializes specifically on Republican political fundraising and allows:

  • campaigns,
  • PACs,
  • national committees, and
  • joint fundraising committees (JFCs)

to manage and track the entire donor life-cycle, from the fundraising pitch all the way through to the filing of Federal Election Committee (FEC) reports. CMDI even proceses clients’ snail mail so physical checks can get data-entered and processed as quickly as possible.

At last check, we have over 94 million Republican donor records and have filed over 7,500 FEC compliance reports. An even more crazy number is that CMDI has managed over 55% of all Republican donations.

Making sure a political campaign has “frictionless fundraising” online, offline, at events, via telemarketing or though the mail while maintaining FEC complaince during the rough and tumble fundraising process is hard. This is CMDI’s sweet spot.

Taking the friction out of fundraising is my raison d’être so I am really excited to be here and working with the CMDI team.

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