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New Features in Crimson!

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[box]We have released several new features to Crimson in the past couple months. Here is a brief summary of the most important changes…[/box]

New Features:

Email Donation Form

 Print or email a pre-filled contribution form right from a record. The message sent will display the email address linked to the User’s Crimson account for seemless corespondence between campaign fundraisers and donors.




JFC Module

Record the JFC contribution and their attributions and pull them into the FEC report seamlessly!


Fund Code Summary

People Search Results now include a summary of all active Fund Codes.  Pull a list of donors and see at a glance how much they have  given to each fund.

View Totals Tool

While entering batches in Data Entry, use this feature to see how much a donor has given to each fund code, how much they have remaining to give, or if they have maxed out.

Crimson Support:

If you would like to recieve more detailed information on these features please contact Customer Support.


Phone: 800-878-6837