Easy Volunteer Fundraising

Volunteer fundraisers are an important part of any political campaign’s fundraising effort.  Tracking contributions and crediting the fundraisers appropriately can be a complicated and delicate process, as fundraisers expect to be given proper credit for their efforts.

CMDI offers CrimsonRPM as a solution to this problem.  A completely web-based application, CrimsonRPM allows bundlers to track their own fundraising efforts, maintain prospect lists, and process pledges and credit card contributions directly through the application.

A simple dashboard gives the fundraiser up-to-the-minute information on all of their fundraising efforts – How much they’ve raised, how much has been pledged, and even how well their recruited fundraisers are performing.  It’s a perfect solution for campaign’s trying to raise big money with volunteer fundraisers.


CrimsonRPM allows the campaign to communicate with its fundraisers in a variety of ways.  An events calendar allows the campaign to share event information with its fundraisers through a slick, easy-to-use calendar.  The events can be exported via iCal format so that the fundraiser can track the events in their area in their own calendar system.  The campaign can also send messages to individual fundraisers or all of them at once with the Campaign Messaging system.  This is a great tool for keeping your fundraisers motivated and up to date with the latest campaign news!

The fundraiser can even communicate with his/her prospective donors directly through the CrimsonRPM platform to solicit donations.  We have two types of email that the fundraisers can send: CampaignMail and QuickMail.  CampaignMail allows the campaign to provide fundraisers with pre-made and approved email templates that they can create and distribute through an ExactTarget integrated email account.  Fundraisers can send these out to as many of prospects as they wish, from their email address.  QuickMail allows fundraisers to send personalized emails that include a link to a custom, personalized donor form which is prepopulated with the prospects information.  This way all they need to do is fill out the credit card portion of the form.  This improves your donation rate!

Your campaigns fundraisers can process credit cards directly in the CrimsonRPM system.  This allows them to quickly take contributions without having to send the prospect a donation form and waiting for the donation form to be sent back to the campaign.  This greatly increases the likelihood of a donation and usually results in a higher donation as well!


Of course, fundraisers can track their progress with a combination of reports, QuickMail analytics, and a slick performance chart that allows you to see your progress over a set period of time.  You can even hover over data points to get precise information.

The campaign needs to know how its fundraisers are doing, so all of this data can be tracked through the Crimson interface.  Also, because Crimson and CrimsonRPM share the same database, there are no data sync to perform, no data duplication, and no multiple database instances.  This keeps your data safe and organized.

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