WidgetMakr: Coming Summer 2011

WidgetMakr allows you to create, distribute, and track secure fundraising widgets across the web so that you can maximize your organization’s fundraising potential.




WidgetMakr allows you create completely customizable widgets from scratch without writing any code. You can create a full page, half page, or sidebar widget. Change fonts, colors, labels, form elements, images, etc. Practically everything about our widgets is customizable through an easy-to-use widget editor.



Simple embed codes allow you to place your widgets on any page of any site that you own. Your fans and supporters may also duplicate your widget to embed on their web sites.



WidgetMakr analytics allows you to see who have viewed your widget, how many have submitted the form, and even how many have started filling it out and stopped. You can even see what cities and states are performing the best.



The entire WidgetMakr system is hosted in a 100% PCI Compliant environment. We use 256-bit SSL encryption, the highest level of encryption commercially available, from the widget all the way to the credit card processor.

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